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    I've reinstalled Zendesk app on both Salesforce and Zendesk, Currently I'm having the below issue when trying to setup Salesforce target in Zendesk, I'm sure I have put the correct password, since I'm able to login to Salesforce.

    This is the error message when testing the target

    "Error during transmission: Salesforce Login Failed (Account: ****):
    <response><error>LOGIN_OAUTH_API_DISABLED</error><message>Failed:OAuth Api Access Disabled</message></response>"

    And this is the error message from Salesforce related to the above
    "1801: Missing, invalid or expired OAuth Token Parameter"

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Hi Michael,

    There are a lot of different variables that could be attributed to that error based on how your integration is set up. I will reach out to you over a ticket so that we can take a closer look at what your particular workflow is and how we can fix that issue.

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    Amie Barder

    Is "Account Owner" not a field we can map from Salesforce?  I'm not finding it in the list.

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    Blaine Knab

    Hi Amie,

    The "Account Owner" field is unfortunately not supported.  The reason is that this field is what is called a lookup field in Salesforce, and it simply do not translate to any Zendesk field appropriately.

    With that said, you could do this with custom fields if you'd really like this info in Zendesk.  You can create a custom field (I'd recommend a text field) in Salesforce by going to Setup > Customize > Accounts > Fields.  You can then create a custom organization field in Zendesk.  Afterwards you should be able to map them as you would normally.

    The thing to keep in mind is that certain field types in Salesforce can be mapped to certain field types in Zendesk, these relationships are detailed here.

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    Colin Piper

    I have come back to look at the Salesforce app after a while of saying that it is not for me. Things change and often for the better. However in my case there still appears to be no change in the limited number of fields within Zendesk that you can map from. 

    All i wish to do is to display Salesforce data within Zendesk and I will do my lookup from the Zendesk organization to the Salesforce Account. Unfortunately my options are limited to Name of the Organization. This is unreliable unless you are in a position where you can fully sync in both directions the names of accounts and organizations. You may well be able to but I do not want that full sync. 

    Will there ever be an update to the app that will allow you to map from other organization fields, especially custom fields? 

    Or is it possible to get the code for the app to modify ourselves?

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    Erin Boyle

    Hi Colin,

    Mostly good news for you. We're actually building up a team that will, among other things, be responsible for improving the Salesforce app. In the short-term that means you're not likely to see any changes, but you will start to see much more movement once that team is up and running.


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    Desi Pepova

    After completing the setup we cannot see the Salesforce app in the User's profile page.

    Any idea why is that?

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    Hi Desi- 

    There could be multiple factor at play causing the app to not appear. Here's a few things to check: 

    • Select the "Apps" button in the ticket view
    • Clear your browser's cache and cookies
    • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the sidebar app under Manage > Apps 

    If none of these steps resolve the issue, I'd recommend submitting a request to to have our Support team investigate this further. :) 

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    Chris Merritt

    Trying to pull CSM value from SF; however, I only get the ID of the CSM, not the name of the CSM.  How can I get the Name of the CSM rather than the ID?


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    Blaine Knab (Edited )

    Hi Chris,

    It sounds like your CSM field in SFDC is likely a Lookup field.  On the backend these fields just hold the ID of the record they reference.  They are really nice when working inside Salesforce as the application knows to translate that ID into the name of the record.  However when you send the value of a lookup field elsewhere, you're just going receive the ID, the actual value stored in the field.

    In order to accomplish your goal here, you'd need to create a Formula field in Salesforce.  You can configure the formula field to get the name of the CSM and output it as plain text.  You can then easily add this field to display in the sidebar app, which will return the CSM's name properly.

    I hope this helps!  If you have further questions, we'd love to help get them answered, just open a ticket!

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    Chris Merritt

    That's helpful.  Thanks, Blaine.

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    I am also facing the same issue for a long time:


    <response><error>LOGIN_OAUTH_API_DISABLED</error><message>Failed: OAuth Api Access Disabled</message>

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Diziana! I see you're getting help with this in a ticket, so we'll get you taken care of there. Definitely feel free to share the solution when you find it!

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    Dylan Kilgour


    I have a bulk sync coming through from SF and am seeing instant creation of the org and then any amendments to the account name are reflected right away in ZD on the org but they are not reflecting in SF App on ZD. Refreshed numerous time

    Any thoughts?

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    Dylan Kilgour

    This can be disregarded.  It looks like it just takes about an hour which it alludes to above under 'Viewing Salesforce information from a Zendesk ticket' though I though that was referring to something else..

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    Jessie Schutz

    Welcome to the Community, Dylan! Thanks for circling back to let us know it's working. :)

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