Legacy Salesforce: Getting started with Zendesk for Salesforce Integration

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  • Schuyler Weinberg

    Is it possible to disable the lead/contact creation part of the Zendesk sidebar app? Our workflow doesn't necessitate this and I'd prefer for my agents to not even see this option.



  • Anika Rani
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Schuyler, yes its is possible for us to disable the contact/ lead feature. I've created a ticket to action this for you and will follow up with you there. 


  • Donna Askew


    We would like to record our client information that we gather through tickets and update our SalesForce CRM system with that data.  The advanced features mention:

    • Salesforce Contact/Lead to Zendesk user sync automatically keeps Zendesk users up-to-date with Salesforce Contacts and Leads through a one-way sync.

    Is there anyway we can do the opposite and send contact details to SalesForce?




  • Benjamin Towne

    Hey Donna, Unfortunately this is not possible via our standard integration and the on-sync feature.

    Where yes Zendesk is able to create new Accounts, Contacts and/or Leads if no match is found upon creation of a custom ticket object being pushed into Salesforce.

    Once that Account, Contact and/or Lead is created Zendesk can no longer make changes to it.

    Setting up sending Zendesk tickets into Salesforce

    Depending on your Salesforce Edition you might be able to utilize the Bulk Sync feature that does allow you to manually perform a bulk sync going Zendesk into Salesforce.

    Performing a bulk sync is all done on the Salesforce side of things and requires a Salesforce User to manually run it and cannot to be automated.

  • kuruva veranjaneyulu

    HI ,


    Can we show Salesforce Cases information of respective Account  in Zendesk? Please provide you inputs because we are trying to show cases on zendesk but no Where documented how to sync salesforce cases in zendesk.



  • Liam van den End

    Hi there,

    Is there still a active app for this?

    I have just checked the app exchange and can't see one in there for Salesforce.

    None of the links work within the thread above.


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Liam,

    Definitely odd that you're unable to see the app in our marketplace. I've attached a link to the Salesforce integration in this comment.

    Let me know if you run into any issues accessing the link I provided.


  • Ed Soria

    @Liam van den End I think you are asking about the Zendesk app in the SFDC store. FYI 




    Installing Zendesk for Salesforce

    The Zendesk for Salesforce app is a private listing ,so you can't search or browse for it. To access the latest version of the app, see the Zendesk for Salesforce Updates page.

    Note: To use the Zendesk for Salesforce app, your Salesforce Organisation must be on Enterprise, Unlimited, or Developer edition (or have Salesforce API rights). If you are on another Salesforce edition and acquired API rights separately, contact Zendesk Support at support@zendesk.com to enable the integration.
  • Liam van den End

    Hi Ed,


    Yes, sorry I was talking about the Salesforce AppExchange.


    I shall try the steps and the link you have sent.

    Thanks :)



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