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    Ben Speich

    Once I have set the custom mapping in the Zendesk Object where can I view current mappings. Right now it says I have none, but there are customer mappings happening when I update the ticket. I would like to see what I have already set up.


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    Hi Ben- 

    Without additional detail about your  Zendesk and Salesforce account it is hard to say what the issue is here. However I wanted to clarify one point, this article is detailing setup from the Zendesk custom ticket object, not the Visualforce page. When using the Visualforce page, the field mapping should be brought over automatically from Zendesk. If this does not appear to be the issue you're seeing, I invite you to submit a ticket to so we can look into this more in depth. 

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    Patrick B.

    Is there any way to send Zendesk tickets & updates to Salesforce as Tasks or Cases?

    I could do it easily with the Salesforce REST API except I'm not sure how to authenticate since Salesforce seems to require an Oauth authentication.

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    Blaine Knab

    Hi Patrick,

    Unfortunately our integration only sends tickets over as a custom object type, which is installed along with our managed package within Salesforce.  We used to support sending tickets as cases, but we have not for some time now.

    I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

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    OpsHub Dev Team

    Hi Ben and Patrick,

    OpsHub supports seamless integration of multiple entities between Salesforce and Zendesk. You can visit our OIM (Opshub Integration Manager) in the Zendesk marketplace:
    We support:

    - Easy to configure mapping, even customize it and can view custom mapping.
    - No special API configuration needed.
    - Sync of entities in both the end systems supported two way(Bidirectional).
    - History supported.
    - Comments, links and Attachments are supported.
    - Any update in Zendesk ticket can update Salesforce entities(Your choice).

    We provide many more functionalities. You can reach out to us for your custom demo here:



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    Srikanta Mohapatra

    Hi, I am having trouble with Setting zendesk Target and alway it is resetting to Test target.

    Any help appriciated.

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    Yuri Mylis

    @Srikanta, best way to investigate the issue you're having is via a support ticket. I've created one on your behalf.

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