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    This integration is not working with a different admin path (URL). I have created an issue:

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    Kevin T.

    When I click on the customer's name for the Magento App, its leading me to the Orders Page for Magento instead of the customer's account page.

    I submitted a ticket. Hope to hear back soon!

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Kevin!

    It looks like your ticket is currently with our Support Engineering Team, so we should be able to get you sorted out from there!

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    Rachel Snare

    I just completed the steps to link my Zendesk account with Magento. However, within a ticket in Zendesk, when I click on Apps to load the customer/order information from Magento, I see a JavaScript error that says 'Cannot set property settings of null'. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

    I tried submitting a ticket, but Zendesk told me that they don't offer technical support and that I should use the forum. So posting here in the hopes that someone has a solution!

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    Andrew Dietrich

    Hi Rachel!

    It actually looks like you have a ticket open with us as of yesterday. An agent should pick it up shortly - we'll be able to troubleshoot the issue further there.

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    This feature seems to be cracked with the last app update for us. Anyone else have the same issue?

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    Ian Christopher B. de Jesus (Edited )

    Hi Joe,

    I'll open up a ticket for you to investigate the problem you are experiencing.



    I just found out that the issue was solved. :)


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    Great app!

    Would be nice that if you start a new ticket as an agent, the customers data gets loaded automatically. Now it only gets loaded when the ticket is submitted. During a phone call it would be great to add the ticket already to follow up the request and have insights in customers profile.

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