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    Preethi Chidambaram

    Hi -

    We selected the "Show Account tickets by Zendesk organization" and added a "Zendesk Ticket" visual page section to the Account object in salesforce.

    However, for some Accounts I see the following error message in the Visual Page:
    Collection size 1,103 exceeds maximum size of 1,000.

    Is there a way to resolve this?


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    In My Visual Force page , i only see zendesk account and not Zendesk tickets as mentioned in article above . All help is much appreciated

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    Erin Boyle

    @Preethi - Hmm... I'm going to create a ticket on your behalf so our advocates can dig into this for you.

    @George - Zendesk Tickets is a Related List and not a Visualforce Page. If you're sending tickets into Salesforce using the trigger and targets in Zendesk, you'll be able to see tickets there. If not, just stick with the Zendesk Account Visualforce Page - it will also display tickets.

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    Michael Avon (Edited )

    We have this integration set up and it's working perfectly, but I was a little surprised to see that on the detail view, both public and private notes are displayed. Is there any way to configure the integration such that only public notes are displayed in Salesforce?

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    Erin Boyle

    Hi Michael - Right now there's no way to restrict which comments are visible within Salesforce.

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    Michael Avon

    Well, I expected that, but was hoping for a different answer. Is this on the roadmap for a future version by any chance? If not, what can I do to advocate for adding this feature?

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    Rich Lorenzo (Edited )


    On second thought...never mind. I had a comment here lamenting the lack of functionality this integration has. But an honest assessment is that our use case was really quite unique. Or at least unique enough that I can't conceptualize a way that the app could have been made for mass consumption and still met our specific needs.

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    Amie Barder

    Would really like to see the "Create Contacts and Accounts in Salesforce if no existing records match the ticket's requester and organization" be a part of this integration option (and not just for the "send" option). The "view" option has everything we need except for this (and keeps us from running up against Salesforce storage limits).

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    Sutha P

    I have couple of ZenDesk custom fields that I would like to show up directly on my Salesforce Accounts display without having to click/hover over the ticket.  Is that possible?

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    Hey Sutha!

    At the moment we do not have a method to change what information is displayed in the Account ticket view. 

    I do think this is a really cool and useful idea, however, and would recommend posting this as an enhancement request to our product feedback forums, which can be found here:

    Hope that helps answer your question!

    All the best,


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    Tony Reid

    Hi, is it possible to have a field in Salesforce containing the ticket URL? It would be great to be able to click this field and open the ticket in ZD.



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    Hey Tony!  

    A ticket url can not be automatically passed through to your Salesforce.  That said, you could copy and paste the url into a ticket custom text field which you could have sync into your Salesforce.  While this wouldn't give you a clickable link, it would sync the full url within your Salesforce.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    Mike Kennedy

    Hi Nick!

    Do you know if you guys have added the ability to edit the information that's displayed in the Account ticket view? I'm using the ZendeskAccount VisualForce page to display ticket info on the SF Account page, but I'd really love to include "Requester" as one of the columns. Do you know of any way to accomplish this?



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    Laura Hippert

    Hi Mike! Did you get a chance to check out our article on Adding ticket views to your Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity layouts?

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