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    Garrick Rohm

    Hi Tara,

    Both subject and summary fields should be supported, however the integration doesn't support syncing system fields to system fields. You'd instead be able to sync them to a custom field.

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    Richa Kashyap

    OpsHub Integration Manager can help you integrate multiple instances of Zendesk to single instance of Jira. Multiple instances of Zendesk can be integrated to same project in JIRA or in different projects, depending on your requirement.

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    Steven Dyckman

    We've just setup the Zendesk plugin for Jira. There seems to be a bug where new projects created in Jira are automatically added to the project whitelist in Project Restrictions.

    Why is this happening?

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    Yuri Mylis


    The behavior you're describing is there by design. Project Restrictions feature works by allowing admins to restrict certain sensitive or irrelevant project from the integration. All other projects are available to the integration. 

    Restricting new projects by default would force admins to constantly keep whitelisting projects. I understand that this behavior doesn't fit your use case and I'll be looking for feedback from other users of the integration on this topic.

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    Rohan Sherrard

    When we click "copy fields" it only copies from the last conversation message. 

    Is there a way to have copy from the first conversation or be able to select which conversations to include when copying?


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    Ruchit Rami

    We have done the setup and able to use zendesk to create or link to tickets in JIRA.

    We are using zendesk and our client has JIRA, is it possible to create a new ticket in zendesk for each tickets created in JIRA and have updates in both in sync?

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