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    Ruwan Ellewala

    For some reason on our instance of Salesforce the ticket mapping fields are not being saved.

    For example: I want to find Account tickets by Zendesk tag and map this to Account ID. I save the mapping config and receive a message saying:
    Filtering & Sorting settings saved successfully

    When I navigate away from the settings page, the mapping config changes back to default. Is this a bug with the app?

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    Hi Ruwan,
    What you're describing is a known issue. I've created a ticket on your behalf (you should receive an email shortly) and linked it to our internal problem ticket for it. As we update the problem ticket you'll be notified automatically.

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    Prathibha (Edited )


    I am using Zendesk Sandbox with Salesforce Sandbox. Facing error while trying to create or edit a ticket from salesforce Account/ Contact detail page. I have implemented option 2 to view zendesk tickets. I can see the tickets from Zendesk on Account and Contact detail page, but

    i) Could not create a new ticket from salesforce using "New Ticket" button. I am shown error.

    ii) When I try to open ticket on click of Subject of ticket, I am shown error. 

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    Hi Prathibha, 

    To better troubleshoot this error, I will want to pull this into a ticket and work with you directly. However, to start, the first thing I would check it that you are using the most recent version of the Zendesk for Salesforce integration.- Zendesk for Salesforce Updates 

     I will create Support ticket on your behalf and follow up soon!

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    Krista Foisy

    I am thinking of re-enabling this integration, but am very hesitant to do so as the API calls to Salesforce were much higher than we anticipated. And caused other issues for us.

    Is there any documentation/reference material anywhere as to what results in an API call, and how to limit it? I'd like to try and ensure that the calls are under control this go-around, so that we don't encounter the same issues that resulted in us disabling the integration.

    Unfortunately upping our APIs in Salesforce is not a solution.

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    Hey Krista!

    From a high level, our integration currently interacts with the Salesforce API in two different ways.

    1. When a ticket object is created in Salesforce via our trigger/target system that will count as an API call. If your trigger is configured to notify a target on ticket update, each update would count as an additional call to the Salesforce API.
    2. When the sidebar app loads on a ticket a call will be made for each base lookup. For example, if you are looking up Account via requester Organization and Contact via requester Email this would count as 2 calls. A lookup of Account information via Contact by requester Email would count as 1 call. This information is cached for 1 hour on the Zendesk side, meaning that the first time a ticket is open a call(s) is made to Salesforce and we will store that data on our side and use it for each time that ticket is viewed (for all users) for the next hour. The first time the ticket is opened after the cache has expired a new call will be made. This can result in ~24 calls per ticket per day (assuming tickets are opened on the hour of a cache expiring).

    Outside of this, all calls being made should be interacting with the Zendesk API and not count against your limits in Salesforce.

    I'll follow up with you on this in a support ticket as well.

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    Ben Speich

    I am finding I am having quite a few tickets not deleting in SF when they are Deleted in Zendesk. Is there something I need to setup?

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    Samuel Cho

    @Ben Speich, I've created a support ticket for you. Please check your email for notification :) 

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    OpsHub Dev Team

    Hi Ruwan,Pratibha,Krista & Ben,

    We support seamless out of the box integration between Salesforce and Zendesk. We are also listed on the Zendesk Marketplace. Some of the key features that can help resolve your problems:

    - Simple mapping and integration configuration which can be edited.
    - Sync of data from source to target and vice versa(Bidirectional).
    - Enable/Disable integration at your flexibility.
    - History Supported.
    - Sync of comments, attachments and links.
    - No additional API configurations.

    You can reach out to us for your custom demo here:




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