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    Very handy but how do multiple support users recognise open incidents (I assume a view?) or that first incident association to the problem?  What is the best practice here?  Tags?

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    Andrew Bone

    is it possible to create a view that lists the problems and indicates the number of linked incidents to each problem?

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    Hello Andrew, 

    There is not a direct way to list all these tickets in one view. What you can create is a view that lists all the Problem ticket by applying the ticket type condition, and from there on, when you look at the problem ticket you would see all the linked incident tickets attached to this problem ticket.

    I was trying to figure out a way to get to a result using tags but nothing is going to be working as well as the ticket type condition. It would just involve some manual digging once you are in a problem ticket to see which tickets are associated to it.

    I hope this makes sense to you and would work. If you have a more specific question related to your account, feel free to send us an email at




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