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    Julia Whistler

    We're currently using tags to manage different team workflows in the same instance of ZenDesk, but the workflow tags are getting a little confusing when tickets are re-assigned to different teams. How have you/other users been managing intersecting workflows with tags?  

    For example:

    1. A ticket comes in to our Product Group and is assigned the tag 'workflow_product'.
    2. The ticket is re-assigned as 'on hold' to our development group for their internal input on an issue and gets assigned 'workflow_dev'. The ticket now has a 'workflow_product' and a 'workflow_dev' tag. (which causes problems with our triggers).
    3. Once the dev team resolves the question, it's re-assigned back to the Product Group.

    I think I'm looking for a clean way to only have one workflow tag per ticket, but it's getting hard to manage as tickets go from one group to another. Any advice or best practices around managing this would be helpful.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Julia!

    It'll be a bit complex, but you should be able to set your triggers to remove an existing tag when the ticket is assigned to another group.

    Your trigger conditions will give you the option to Add tags, which adds an additional to the ones that are already there; Set tags, which will remove all tags currently on the ticket and replace them with the one(s) you specify in the condition; or Remove tags, which will remove whatever tags you specify in the condition.

    Set tags can get tricky since it wipes out all existing tags on the ticket. If you have other tags you're using that you need for other workflows, you probably won't want to use that one. Even if you really only use one tag per ticket, it could still end up being a hitch in your getalong if your workflows evolve to include more tags further down the road. So just proceed with caution there.

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