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You may have noticed a category in your forums called “No Category”, but we’ve gotten the impression that it can be a little mysterious, and maybe isn’t understood all that well, so this article is here to help clear the air a little.


If you look at your knowledge base, you may see something like this. There’s one lonely category hanging out at the top of the list, proclaimed as having “No Category.” That means basically what it sounds like; the forum is uncategorized. All forums, when you create them, are defaulted to having no category. You can set that option when you’re editing the forum.

To edit a forum, in case you aren’t already familiar, just click the name of the forum, then once you’re viewing it, click the Edit link in the upper right.


The arrow in the picture above shows you how to select a category. Just select the right one, click the button to update at the bottom of the page, and your article is moved right away. If you don’t see a category where the forum fits, you can make a new one from the knowledge base front page by using the Add category button.

When all of your forums are safely stowed in categories, the “No category” section won’t disappear, but it will be empty.


Just so you know, your customers never see the “No category” section title. Only agents. This is just a tool to help you identify uncategorized forums.

Thanks! If you have any more confusion, or want to talk more about this feature, please reach out to us in the forums, or send us a ticket at .

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    I have one further question, regarding the visibility of the "No category' on Agent homepages. In one of the training documents

    This tidbit appears:


    "When you click Update, you’ll see your category on your Forum Management page. Let’s see how it looks on the home page. Click the Hometab.

    It’s gone! What gives? It turns out that Zendesk will not display a forum category if it doesn’t have any forums in it. We need to move our product forum into the Knowledge Base category and then it will show up on our home page."


    I therefore thought that if I simply removed all the forums from "No category" it wouldn't show up on my homepage, but alas it persists! I don't care if it hangs out in the "Forums" section, but anyway to hide it from my homepage?

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    Hey, Jason - 

    That bit in the article you reference only refers to the End User portal, not to the agent experience. Empty categories and forums are always visible to Agents. If they disappeared, you wouldn't be able to edit them.

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    Thanks Max,

    Although I will grumble that the title of the article I referred to is:

    Lesson 2: Customizing the Agent Homepage (Classic)

    Anyway not really a big deal, just trying to make things "cleaner"


    Thanks for the prompt response.

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    Ah. A very good point. I'll make sure we clarify our documentation!

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    "Just so you know, your customers never see the “No category” section. Only agents. This is just a tool to help you identify uncategorized forums."

    In our Zendesk all of the sections in the "No Category" category show up for end-users and people who are not logged in.  Is that a setting we changed or has the behavior of this changed since this article was written?

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    Hey, Mike - 

    It looks like my sentence may have been worded poorly. I've just updated it. It should read "your customers never see the "No category" section title". The articles are visible, but the header is only for agents. 

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