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Not sure if you should send an email and include your entire team, or only your manager? With Zendesk Support, you have the option to add in CCs on your tickets! The CC option is a great way to include everyone in the discussion. You have the option to add in other agents, registered end-users, and non registered end-users depending on your account configuration. The end-users who are CC'd on tickets can view all public comments and contribute to the discussion via email, or by logging into your help desk. The CC'd agents receive all public and private comments.


People who have been added as CCs on a ticket receive email notifications when the following things happen:

  • When the ticket is first created
  • When a ticket update contains a public comment

Including CCs in tickets is disabled by default in your account, but it's easy to enable. Simply go to Settings > Tickets and select Enable CCs on tickets .


Restricting who can add CCs to tickets

You also have the option to enable agents only to add CCs to tickets.


You can even restrict who can be CC'd by adding email addresses to the CC blacklist. This prevents specific users from being CC'd on all tickets.


Letting people know they've been CC'd

When you add someone as a CC on a ticket, they receive email notifications when there are public ticket updates. A short message is also added to those notifications to let the CC'd person know that they've been CC'd. You are welcome to customize this email text to better reflect your company brand.


When an email is sent into your help desk and contains CC's, Zendesk Support evaluates all recipients in that email (both TO: and CC: recipients) and makes the CC recipients on future updates in that ticket.

Keep in mind that these rules still apply:

  • An end-user can add CC recipients any time during a ticket's lifetime.
  • Only agents can delete CC recipients once they're added.
  • Agents can also add other agents as CC recipients.
  • CC'ed agents will receive copies of all agent notifications
  • When CC'ing unknown (unregistered) end-users in an open help desk, the new users will be created automatically.
  • If you are providing closed support, you can still CC unknown (unregistered) end-users, but they will only be able to view ticket information and public comments. Notes and other events will not be visible to them.

You can add a maximum of 24 CCs to a ticket.

And it's that simple! Enable the CC option, create a ticket, add CCs and you are on your way! As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to We are here to help you, help your customers :)

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