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Not sure if you should send an email and include your entire team, or only your manager? With Zendesk Support, you have the option to add in CCs on your tickets! The CC option is a great way to include everyone in the discussion. You have the option to add in other agents, registered end-users, and non registered end-users depending on your account configuration. The end-users who are CC'd on tickets can view all public comments and contribute to the discussion via email, or by logging into your help desk. The CC'd agents receive all public and private comments.


People who have been added as CCs on a ticket receive email notifications when the following things happen:

  • When the ticket is first created
  • When a ticket update contains a public comment

Including CCs in tickets is disabled by default in your account, but it's easy to enable. Simply go to Settings > Tickets and select Enable CCs on tickets .


Restricting who can add CCs to tickets

You also have the option to enable agents only to add CCs to tickets.


You can even restrict who can be CC'd by adding email addresses to the CC blacklist. This prevents specific users from being CC'd on all tickets.


Letting people know they've been CC'd

When you add someone as a CC on a ticket, they receive email notifications when there are public ticket updates. A short message is also added to those notifications to let the CC'd person know that they've been CC'd. You are welcome to customize this email text to better reflect your company brand.


When an email is sent into your help desk and contains CC's, Zendesk Support evaluates all recipients in that email (both TO: and CC: recipients) and makes the CC recipients on future updates in that ticket.

Keep in mind that these rules still apply:

  • An end-user can add CC recipients any time during a ticket's lifetime.
  • Only agents can delete CC recipients once they're added.
  • Agents can also add other agents as CC recipients.
  • CC'ed agents will receive copies of all agent notifications
  • When CC'ing unknown (unregistered) end-users in an open help desk, the new users will be created automatically.
  • If you are providing closed support, you can still CC unknown (unregistered) end-users, but they will only be able to view ticket information and public comments. Notes and other events will not be visible to them.

You can add a maximum of 24 CCs to a ticket.

And it's that simple! Enable the CC option, create a ticket, add CCs and you are on your way! As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to We are here to help you, help your customers :)

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    I wish the CC email notifications (of comment updates, etc) had the ticket # or link to the support ticket in them. Is difficult now to go back and find the ticket within the zendesk interface. 

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    This documentation says


    "Restricting who can be CC'd on tickets

    You also have the option to only allow agents to be CC'ed on tickets. "


    To me, this means, "I only want agents e-mails to be cc-able in a ticket". But it actually means "Only agents can add cc's to a ticket"

    I really want the first behavior, because our agents should only be able to cc other agents. Not the general end-users.

    1. This documentation appears to be inaccurate compared to what the system actually does.

    2. I'd like it to work like this documentation implies.

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    Sorry Derrek! You are right (even though you didn't want to be!) and the article is wrong. I updated it to say that you have the option to enable agents only to add CCs. Thanks for pointing this out!

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    Anyway to do it the other way?

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    I think the answer is no, but I'm double checking with Justin who supports our forums community. We'll probably hear back from him tomorrow because I think his work day is over (lucky him!).

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    Hey Derrek: 

    As you've figured out, enabling the **Only agents can add CCs **option prevents your end-users from adding their own CCs to the ticket. Even if they have a CC on their incoming reply, the system will ignore it. We don't have a way to prevent agents from adding end-user addresses to the CC field. If the CC function is enabled, they'll be able to CC both agents and end-users. 

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    Here's a scenario... As an agent, I've added someone to the ticket (as a CC) who gets notified when there's a comment to the case.  When they get the email notification, they can't tell who is on the ticket so they don't know if they respond to the email who their response might go to (e.g. customer or internal only comment).  Is there a way to solve this?

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    You could include the ticket.cc_names placeholder in the CC notification template. This placeholder lists email addresses that are in the CC field. Not ideal, but I'm not sure I have a set solution for this one. 

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    I think I have an issue. I have included some end users as a CC

    1.  When I send out the email, everyone involved gets a copy

    2.  When another included end user responds to the ticket by email or portal, only I as the agent get notified by email. 


    Am I missing something?


    Hope that this makes sense.

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    A few rules apply to the CC function. End-users receive notifications when/if: 

    • A ticket update contains a public comment 
    • The CC recipient is not notified by any trigger 
    • The CC recipient is not author of the comment
    • The CC recipient is not part of an originating email CC line. This eliminates CC recipients receiving multiple identical updates

    Let me know if your setup seems to fall outside of these conditions and notifications are still not being sent.

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    I want those who have been cc'ed to be notified when a ticket has been solved. How can I do this? I don't just want them updated when there are public comments. Is this possible?

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    @Audrey: Unfortunately there is no way to change the functionality of CC's at this time. You could instruct your agents to only add a CC when they are setting the ticket to solved, but if the ticket is reopened with a comment, they will receive that comment as well.

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    So I am correct in understanding that Light Agent's who are added to tickets when tickets are created, cannot receive notifications when a ticket is set to solved? Only the original requester can receive a notification? 

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    @Audrey: Light agents that are CCs on a ticket should receive an email notification every time a public or private comment is added to a ticket. They will receive a notification when the ticket is set to solved if there is a corresponding comment.

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    Can I notify all the agents or a group of agents that a ticket has been created without CC them in the ticket?

    Right now I created a trigger so that when a ticket is created it emails a group of agents. Because of that , this email notification has everyone in that group CCed and if the requester hits "reply all" in its email client Zendesk adds all those agents as CCed.

    I only want the agents to get a notification that a ticket has been created without having them copied to the ticket.

    Is there a way to accomplish that?

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    What about allowing end users to remove CC's? In a lot of cases, the end user may be the primary contact and they would need to remove the original CC's due to the nature of information being discussed at a later stage in the thread; such as charges, etc. 

    Is there any way to allow this currently or is there something in progress for this? 

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    @Alejandro: you should have the trigger Notify all agents of received request activated in your account. This will notify all of your agents that a ticket was created without adding them as a cc. 


    @Vincent: we currently do not have this planned. If the information becomes sensitive you can create a new ticket without the original CC, but with a link back to the original ticket with the ticket ID number. 

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    @Susan:  That is the way I have it but this is what happens.

    1 - The trigger sends an email to everyone where every recipient is a different CC in that email.

    2 - One agent replies that email (instead of using the web interface) by hitting "Reply to All".

    3 - Zendesk sees all the CC in the email and "intelligently" adds all the CC people as CC in the ticket

    So basically from that moment on all the agents are CC on the ticket and that is what I am trying to avoid.

    I would like all the agents to be notified without having them as CC of every single ticket and obviously I wouldn't like to turn of the "Enable CCs on Tickets" option

    Do you have any solution for this?

    Thanks !

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    @Alejandro: The way around this would be to create an action to send an email to each individual agent instead of emailing all agents in the group. I do not recommend this however, as it would be very tedious and the trigger would not change automatically when you add agents to your group. I would recommend that you verbally instruct your agents to only use reply instead of reply to all. Short of turning off CCs on your account I believe that this would be the best solution.

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    How can I have everyone is an agent group get cc'd whenever somebody makes a public comment to a ticket in that group?  I don't want it to be a manual process on every ticket as then agents forgot to add the CC. 

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    Hey Jake,

    This would be done through a custom trigger in your account. If you went to Manage > Business rules > Triggers you could create a new trigger and add conditions and actions that would do this. I've gone ahead and created a mockup for what I think you need. You can alter this template if you need to get more specific for your own helpdesk. Example_trigger.png

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    Can the end user add a cc via the web interface or only by email?

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    Hello Kristen,

    Unfortunately it is not possible for your end user to add a CC through the web interface. They could request that the agent add a CC to the ticket through the web interface, but other than that adding a CC to their email responses is the best way for an end user to add a CC to the ticket themselves.

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    Hello Guys,

    Is there any way to edit the subject of the CC'd e-mails?

    I'd like to change the "Update: ..." in the subject field to the corresponding Hungarian word: "Frissítve: ..."


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    Hey Zoltán,

    Unfortunately there is no way to edit the subject line of CC emails. You can edit the body of the messages that are sent out by going to Settings > Tickets but that is it. I'm very sorry that I don't have a workaround for you.

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    Thanks for the fast reply :) In the meantime I learned that its already a request for your devs:

    If you will get any info on this, pls post here too...

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    Thanks for the link Zoltán! If anyone else reading this would like to be able to change the subject line of CC emails I definitely recommend that you follow Zoltán's link to the feature request forum and vote for the feature. The more community support we get behind feature requests the better the possibility of it being added to Zendesk.

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    We use the * wildcard to blacklist all domains apart from those specified in the whitelist.

    This works beautifully- apart from one problem...

    I noticed that, if a whitelisted user emails in a ticket and CC's a non-whitelisted user, there is no indication to the agents (either in the web interface or in email notifications) that the requester intended another contact to be CC'd on the ticket.

    If our agents are notified in some way about the requester's intentions, then they would be able to whitelist users (if deemed appropriate) to ensure everyone is informed on the progress of the ticket as necessary. Instead, it silently fails. There is no indication in the ticket whatsoever that the requester wanted to CC someone else (so we can't review and possibly whitelist them). The requester is not notified that the CC was not allowed.

    This is undesirable behavior- and could conceivably lead to a loss of confidence in Zendesk as a way of keeping everyone informed on the progress of a ticket. Our users would most likely start manually CC'ing their contacts in _every _email reply just to ensure it got through to everyone they wanted it to.

    Short of checking the address every time someone emails in a help request to see if someone was CC'd who may not be on the whitelist yet (something I never want to have to do), how can I ensure that agents are aware of non-whitelisted users the requester wanted to CC on a ticket? I don't want to give up on using the blacklist wildcard, or want to start having to constantly check my email address? The CC field of request emails is valuable information, that should always be recorded in a ticket where an agent can review it (whether or not the users are authorized to use the help desk).

    Ideally, I would like an alert to appear in the ticket (and in email notifications to agents) which says something like:

    "The requester attempted to CC the following addresses that are not yet permitted to use the help desk: [addresses listed here] Please note that those users are not yet CC'd on this ticket. If necessary, please manually whitelist their account/ domain, then CC them in the web interface."

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    Hi Daniel, 

    This is what happens and I agree with you that it's not the ideal workflow. It is something Product team knows about but I don't see any specifics on the roadmap about a solution in the near future. 

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    HI Laura,

    That is unfortunate. I thought the developers would have considered every common usage scenario. I have barely been using Zendesk 2 weeks, and have already stumbled across this.

    The fact that any critical information is not absorbed by Zendesk into the ticket for agents/admins to review, undermines the product.

    If I remove the wildcard from my blocklist, then any spammer who sends an email to my "support" email address will get an automatic response- and a confirmation that they have a valid email address. Over time, this will increase the amount of spam that goes to my email account. that isn't even an option.

    All I can do is constantly check my "" email whenever there is a new ticket- otherwise there is always a chance I might miss an important CC (who just needs to be whitelisted then CC'd back on the ticket).

    Given how aware of the importance of the audit trail the developers seem to be when it comes to editing tickets (the reason we can't "tidy up" messy tickets, removing signatures etc), you'd think they would have applied the same thinking to this.

    A CC'd contact should be part of the audit trail-_ whether they are permitted to interact with Zendesk yet or not._

    Zendesk is (arbitrarily) dropping valuable information here which, I feel, should always be appended in some way to the ticket (perhaps visible only in the web interface to agents until approved.)

    I'm not sure why this isn't on the roadmap, but thanks again for your response. I guess I'll just have to learn to live with this.

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