Using the Placeholders Autocomplete feature to make placeholder selection painless

If you're a fan of the Zendesk placeholders, then you may have recently seen the good news that we announced. Previously, using placeholders in your tickets often required you to memorize the more common ones or to frequently refer to our list of available placeholders. Even the savviest placeholder users may have found themselves scratching their heads occasionally while trying to remember the names of placeholders they used less frequently. Fortunately, now we make it much easier for you to take advantage of the added flexibility of placeholders by detecting when you've begun typing one and then presenting you with a list of matching placeholders from which you can pick and choose the one you need.

Of course, there's a chance you may be asking yourself what placeholders are. If you're unacquainted with placeholders, we have a great introduction on how to use them.

How do I insert placeholders using this new feature?

Currently, the new feature is available when you are creating a new ticket or updating an existing ticket. Using it is fairly simple: all you need to do is start typing {{ in the comments or descriptions fields, and a list of placeholders will appear as shown here:


At that point, you have two options for finding the placeholder of your dreams:

  • If you remember the beginning of the placeholder, keep typing. As you type, the list of placeholders gets more specific. For example, {{ticket.tic is all that's necessary to bring up the {{ticket.ticket_type}} placeholder. Once you've found your placeholder, press the enter key to insert the complete placeholder.
  • You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to browse through the placeholders if you don't remember the name of the placeholder and need to review the descriptions of the placeholders to find the one you need. As with the first method, you can simply press the enter key to select the placeholder once you've found it.

Soon, the days of having to rack your brain for the name a particular placeholder or having to juggle browser tabs to look up the placeholder in our reference list will be at an end. Currently, this feature is only available when creating or editing a ticket, but it will soon be rolled out to all the various other places where placeholders can be used. As always, we encourage you to keep an eye on our What's new in Zendesk? forum for the latest news on new features in Zendesk.

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  • Avatar
    Arnaud de Theux

    I hope this gets added to the automations & triggers menu, it will help a lot there!

  • Avatar
    James Pullar

    It would be great to see this feature included when creating and editing Macros. Thanks for creating this feature, can't wait to see it utilized more!

  • Avatar
    Ryan Olson

    Is this no longer available? I don't see that this works anywhere in Lotus

  • Avatar
    Arnoldo Lezama

    Make it available in Automations and Triggers.  Very useful, but not fully ideal if it's only on the tickets themselves...

  • Avatar

    We're working on adding this function to the new interface. Sorry about the confusion! Thanks for the feedback, Arnoldo! 

  • Avatar
    Andrew Mills

    Just noting this isn't working in Agent panel still.  Should be good!

  • Avatar

    That's correct, Andrew. It's not in place just yet. 

  • Avatar
    Johannes Egenolf

    Will this be available in the backend anytime soon? This would be very useful with automations, trigger, dynamic contents and so on. 

    Cheers, Joe

  • Avatar
    Daniel Novoa

    Tested this out in the new ticket and existing ticket area and it works beautifully. Just need to add this implementation to other areas and you'll be my best friends.

  • Avatar
    Laura D.

    Glad to hear the feature is useful!

    I'm not aware of plans to add placeholders to additional areas but knowing they've been helpful is good feedback, thanks for letting us know!

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