How can I track satisfaction ratings with comments?

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  • Aswin Kannan

    There should be a way to view the comments, or add a simple date range filter in the views (hours is not helpful). Moreover, I'm surprised to see that this data cannot be integrated in Insights. All we want to see is the satisfaction comments, ticket-wise, separated by ticket channels.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Aswin - That's great feedback. I saw that you also posted it to the Product Feedback forum, which is great. That's where the Product Managers go to see what might be useful for users. 

  • will

    For the record, zendesk improperly uses the word "unsatisfied" when asking people for feedback e.g. "Are you unsatisfied?" This is incorrect grammar. People can never be "unsatisfied" rather "dissatisfied". Look it up and change it!

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Will - 

    Thanks for your feedback. As a fellow grammar nerd, I feel where you're coming from. So to indulge both of our curiosities, I did some research, and it appears to be a grey area of semantic differences. Here's what I found:

    "Unsatisfied" usually implies a sense of incompleteness, whereas "dissatisfied" usually implies a sense of wrongness. 

    Another way to put it is that "unsatisfied" often implies that a greater amount of something - in this case, we'll say  information - is needed, whereas "dissatisfied" tends to imply that the quality of something was poor. 

    Users could be indicating either that they need more information or that the quality of the information was poor. My guess would be that our team chose "unsatisfied" with the assumption that people are generally responding to thinking that important details are missing, rather than that they are feeling disappointed or displeased with the answer.  


  • Raquel Vasquez

    Before Explore, there was a way to see Satisfaction Ratings with Comments under reports. Is there now a way in Explore to easily access the comments?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Raquel,

    You'll need to create a query to show ratings with comments. We have a recipe available that should point you in the right direction :) Explore recipe: Bad ratings with comments

    Let me know if you have any other questions for me!

  • Bernard

    Hello Zendesk Support

    I would like to know if there is a way to send an automatic mail (we will build it on our side) to a customer who rated with "Satisfied" (no matter if it is with or w/o comment)., the support he received. 

    I am really curious to know if we could set this system as automatic.

    Thanks for your help.



  • Kay Heunen
    Community Moderator

    Bernard what does set the system as automatic mean? The part that you've built yourself, are you referring to the satisfaction email?

  • Kate Ambash

    Will creating a view allow me to see the comments?

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Kate Ambash! You can add two columns to a View that are related to satisfaction: Satisfaction and Satisfaction reason. The Satisfaction column is going to show the rating (good or bad) and the Satisfaction reason column is going to show the reason selected by the user. There is not currently a column for seeing the Satisfaction comment left by the user. 


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