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Getting customer feedback with Zendesk Support is really easy. If you aren't getting customer satisfaction ratings yet, take a look at this excellent reference .

If you have been using the Zendesk Support customer satisfaction rating feature you might have noticed a trend. People who are unsatisfied almost always have something to say, and they add a comment to their ratings. Satisfied customers, though, seem happy enough to click the Good, I'm Satisfied link and go on their merry way, giving you a warm fuzzy feeling but no real constructive feedback.

In the past, if you created a view to see your customer satisfaction ratings or a trigger to alert you when a customer left a good or bad rating, you would capture all ratings, comment or not. This generally results in a lot of Good, I'm Satisfied alerts, hopefully not too many Bad, I'm Unsatisfied alerts, and a lot of time spent wading through them all trying to find useful feedback. What if you want to see only
those satisfaction ratings where the customer was moved enough to add a comment?

Well, we've just made a change to ticket satisfaction condition statements so you can now look at only those Good and Bad ratings where comments were made!

New condition options

If you've recently made a trigger or view looking at satisfaction ratings, you might have noticed a change in the satisfaction conditions. You can now set up conditions with the following six options (the new ones are in italics ):

  • Unoffered

  • Offered
  • Good
  • Good with Comment
  • Bad
  • Bad with Comment
The two new options do just what they say: look for tickets where a customer gave a satisfaction rating and provided a related comment. Good and Bad look for results where satisfaction was recorded without a comment.

Using the new options

Let's say you want to create a new view to show all satisfaction ratings with comments. To do so, go to Manage > Views and click Add view . You'll want to add two conditions under the Any heading: one for Good with comment and one for Bad with comment, as shown below:


If you want to see all your satisfaction ratings, comment or not, no problem! Since the Ticket Satisfaction condition is numeric (starting at Unoffered and counting up to Bad with Comment ), you can use the Greater than Offered setting to see all tickets where satisfaction was given:


You can use these new conditions wherever you need. Create new views, triggers, automations, or reports!

If you already have been using the existing Ticket Satisfaction conditions, you might want to take a few moments to update them to make sure you continue to see all ratings from your satisfied and unsatisfied customers.

If you need any help setting up something new or updating existing conditions, feel free to send an email to support@zendesk.com and give us the opportunity to earn your Good, I'm Satisfied rating!

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