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The most common type of ticket is a Question. It’s routine for agents to answer the question, solve the ticket, and move on to the next one. But what about those times when the issue is larger and impacts several customers? Some problems are so big it can end up flooding your help desk. This could be anything from a copy machine failure, a network outage, to the entire website going down. It is likely you will receive several tickets from customers reporting such a large-scale event. This is where the ticket types Incident and Problem can keep you streamlined and efficient.

In Zendesk Support, an Incident is any issue that is a symptom of a larger problem. And Problem tickets are larger issues that typically involve several smaller symptoms impacting multiple customers. You can learn more about the basics of Problem and Incident tickets here: Working with Problem and Incident tickets .

You can track and manage your Problem and Incident tickets, create the view, report, and trigger described below.

Create a view for Problem tickets

  1. Go to Manage > Views > Add View .
  2. Name the view “Problem Tickets”.
  3. Under Meet all of the following conditions , add the conditions Status is Less than Solved and Type is Problem .
  4. Set Available For to All Agents .

For more information about views, see Using views to manage ticket workflow .

Create a report for Problem tickets

  1. Go to Manage > Reporting > Reports > Add Report .
  2. Name the report “Problem Tickets Quarterly”.
  3. Set the Reporting Period to Last 3 Months .
  4. Name the First Data Series “Problem Tickets”.
  5. Set it to Created Tickets .
  6. Add the condition Type is Problem .
  7. Next to the Submit button change the menu from Preview Report to Create Report .
  8. Click Submit .

For more information about creating reports, see Using reports to monitor ticket activity and agent performance .

Create a trigger to notify your support staff of Problem tickets

  1. Go to Manage > Triggers & mail notifications > Add trigger .
  2. Name the trigger “Notify Support Agents of Problem Ticket”.
  3. Under Meet all of the following conditions , add these:
    • Status is less than Solved
    • Type is Problem
    • Tag Contains none of the following: problem_notify
  4. Under Perform these actions , add these:
    • Email Group “Support”
      Note : Replace Support with the name of your group of agents that need to know about Problem tickets.
    • In the Email comment add text such as “Attention: New Problem Ticket {{}} {{ticket.description}} has been created. Be advised and link any related tickets as Incidents.Thanks!”
    • Add tag: problem_notify
  5. Click Create Trigger .

For more information about triggers, see Streamlining workflow with ticket updates and triggers .

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