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I’ve worked in call centers and done phone support for a decade. Ten years of sitting in front of a computer, often with a complicated phone system with several lines and options, waiting for a tone to tell me when my next customer is coming on the line. This has always been the way it works.

Zendesk just changed that or at least opened up a possibility that’s gotten me thinking a ton about the nature of call centers, support in general, and work in the abstract.

It’s a ridiculously simple option inside your channels menu. In Settings > Channels > Talk , on the General Settings tab, you’ll see an innocuous radio button labeled Agent wrap-up after calls .


The ability to turn this off does something new. Combined with the ability to forward agent calls to a cell phone, you no longer need to be tied to your computer to receive and handle support calls. You are now free to roam about as you please, like a nomadic support champion, answering your customers’ questions anywhere, any time.

Previously, because of the agent wrap-up state, it was necessary to click a button on your computer when you finished a call, signaling that you were ready for the next call. If you were away from you desk, answering calls on your cell, you wouldn’t be able to receive a second call. You would stay in the wrap-up state, with no ability to click the button on your computer and move beyond it. By turning that feature off, all you need is a cell phone and you can remain active and available anywhere you like.

This is probably the simplest tip of the week I’ve ever written, with no technical details to explain—just flip a switch and suddenly your call center transforms into a distributed web of individuals who can communicate without boundaries. Consider it a possibility of the week… Take a call in your hotel, take a call in a cab, take a call on a beach, or in a park.

Zendesk just unplugged your call center. Get in touch with ours any day, any time. Reach us at , or give us a call at 888-670-4887.

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    To me, this shows a HUGE bug in Zendesk!
    Wrap-up times should be for people that have an option to actually wrap something up!

    If you receive a call on a mobile, then by design you do not have an option to tell the system any further after you hang up - and wrap-up should then, by design, not include calls routed to mobile phones!

    And if you use another phonesystem, then it should be an option in general, and pr. agent, to set if that fwd number is able to wrap-up.

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