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It’s happened to all of us. You get a support request from a new user, apply a macro, and Zendesk Support is only able to give you the first part of their email address as the requester’s name (since that's the only real data you have about the user at that point). Nobody wants to be referred to as “Hello BJacobs!” especially when your real name is in your email signature. It’s a dead giveaway that somebody is using an automation and it makes the requester feel like they’re talking to a machine.

The solution is to keep your end-user data constantly up-to-date in Zendesk Support. While this may sound simple enough, it used to involve several extra clicks and new windows, just to get everything updated. The new version of Zendesk Support makes this entire process a whole lot easier!

Ticket to profile and back again: an agent’s tale

Here we have a new ticket titled “Support Request”. The new customer is listed as "bjacobs" because that’s all we know about the requester from the email message data.


Step 1: Click on the user profile button to the left of the ticket.


Step 2: Now we are on the profile page for Brian Jacobs. Let’s update his information. If we click on any of the areas noted below (in red, on the left) we will be able to update those properties. Since Brian's email message includes his email signature, we know what his name is.

Step 3: Lastly, we can click on the organization button, which is next to the user profile button, to create an organization for Brian Jacobs. We'll get a window that looks like this:


Brian is added to that new organization and when new messages come in from people from the domain, they will automatically be added to the Supermail organization. Here's Brian's updated user profile:


Now, to get back to work solving the ticket, we simply click on the ticket (Ticket #234, to the right of Brian’s name).

If you haven't already taken a look at the new version of Zendesk Support, refer to these resources:

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