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    Clemens (Edited )


    It is very cumbersome to always manually merge tickets because customers open ticket after ticket.

    "The User Data app might be useful to you, but the best way to handle this is just deal with the tickets as they come in."

    What kind of an answer is this?! Sorry, it is hot here so I might be short tempered :)

    However, this is how it should be:

    1. Zendesk introduces a new option (!) to prevent customers to open another ticket if they already have an open ticket. They may still update said ticket but not create a new one.
    2. Everyone is happy and not wasting resources for a completely idiotic task.
    3. Again, read 1. it should be an option, those hardcore ticket grinders amongst you can still merge tickets and send different answers to the same customers on the same subject by different agents. Yes yes, I know. It is a process / training problem.


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    Any news?

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    Sean Cusick

    Hi Clemens, I'm so sorry, I hadn't seen your previous comment., For any change in functionality you would want to add that suggestion to our Feature Request Forums:

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    Cedric Jacob

    Great article! My new Quick Merge app might come handy for some of you.

    It allows agents to review and merge tickets right within the ticket view: 

     Let me know if you have any questions. I wrote a small blog-post about the app here: 


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