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  • Toni Mitev

    Hi there! 
    The whole process looks good and will work good, but I have one question. 
    Is it possible to add mobile css without disabling the Mobile layout in General settings?
    The mobile design is doing a great job and i need to edit just one line of code in the mobile css and I find it a waste of time to redesign the whole page 2 more times to avoid one line of css. 

  • Claudia Pelagatti

    Hey Toni,

    The Mobile layout is only available in older themes, and I am afraid it is not flexible so it cannot be edited in any way, not even to change just one element.

    The latest theme we have released Copenhagen has its own mobile responsive theme, so if you switch to use this theme you would not need to redesign one from scratch.

    However, depending on how much customisation you currently have, you will need to re-do the customisation for your web theme.

    Sorry for the inconvenience


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