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  • Rroper

    So in the code is the only place we have to update the code snippet provided be the value provided for element ===?  We have 1 user who has been assigned the tag cbx and one who has not but the Submit a request is being hidden for both. I attached a screen shot of the code showing that I added the snippet from the example and updated to element === 'cbx' which is the tag we are using. 



  • Dan Ross

    Hey Rroper,

    The user that *should* be seeing the section, are they associated correctly to the org? Is the email they're logging with correctly tagged, or are they using a different email that might not have the tags? I don't see anything out of place with the code. 

    You can assume the user's identity from Support to be able to test if it works as it should. If it doesn't, are you seeing any errors in your browser's console log?


  • Rroper

    Morning Dan, 

    Thanks for you response! :)  I double checked and both users are associated to the correct Organization. I also checked that only the 1 user was tagged with ‘cbx’ under Tags but neither user sees the Submit a request link.  

    I’ll see if I can’t try assuming their identity and check to see if things are working correctly.  Thanks again! 


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