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There's a popular feature in Zendesk Support known as the CC field . You can enable it in Settings > Tickets > CCs.

It doesn't function quite like an email CC, or even a BCC, though it shares qualities with both of those. It actually acts much more like a carbon-copy. Let me explain.

Email notifications that go out from Zendesk Support are their own individual emails, sent only to one recipient (see footnote ). This is for the purpose of verifying that each response is delivered back to Zendesk Support, then added to the ticket as a comment, where more email notifications might go out to the appropriate recipients. Whether or not an individual receives certain notifications depends on whether they are an agent or an end-user, and whether the comment was either public or private.

This can be a little bit confusing because each recipient of an email notification does not see the other recipients (see footnote ), and might even assume that there are no other recipients. The recipient might think the system works like regular email, which also uses the term CC, but the behavior is different in a ticket.

There are a few novel ways to work with this, and around this.

If it's important for you to let the participants on a ticket know the other participants, then one way of doing so is to modify your CC template and your various triggers (probably your "requester" triggers). This is to provide the names or email addresses of the other collaborators, along with all of the other information you send in an email notification, like ticket comments.

The simplest method is to use an additional placeholder {{ticket.cc_names}} in your CC and trigger notifications. That might look something like this:


If you'd like to include the email addresses of any participants, then you can do that too. Here's an article that describes the process in detail. It's known as Liquid markup .

Or, if you do not wish to distribute the email addresses of other participants in the ticket, then you might consider just adding a qualifying statement in your CC notifications, like this:


Yet another possible solution is to create a macro for the purpose of informing the requester or other collaborators when others are added to the ticket. This can be useful if you feel that adding CCs to a ticket represents only an occasional change in procedure. That might look like this:


The key here is to provide the contributors with the best information possible to help them understand the slightly different nature of a ticket compared to an email.

Footnote : For the purpose of clarity, I decided to qualify the instances in which this is not the case in a footnote. When there's more than one CC on a ticket, then a single email will be sent out to all the CCs on the ticket. These people can see one another in the CC field of that outbound email notification. All agents see all other agents and all end-users see all other end-users. This is because agents and end-users receive different emails, because agents can see internal notes but end-users can't.

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    Hi all

    I have reached this post from

    I believe that setting an option such as "Only Agents can remove CCs" as the "add CCs" is in the Tickets section would greatly help each admin to set his communications up as he desires.

    Currently everyone may add CCs (if the option "add CCs" is not checked) but only agents may remove them, creating undesired situations.

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    Is there a way to create a view that shows what open tickets we are CC'd on but are not the Assignee?

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    Hi John, If you navigate into your user profile by clicking on it in the upper right hand corner of the screen then you will be taken to a screen where you will see a dropdown menu that will default to "Assigned Tickets" . From there you will see the option to view the tickets that you are CC'd on. From there you can easily bookmark that URL. Hope that helps, and please let us know if you have any more questions!

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    This answers part of my question - how to view tickets on which I am not assigned but on which I am cc'd. My question has to do with the email that is sent - our agents are not receiving emails for tickets on which they are copied. Public or private comments.

    I do not know if they are getting caught in a filter on our end or whether I am missing something in the Zendesk setup. How do you suggest I setup our settings to ensure that agents will receive email notification of cc's?




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    Hi Leigh, To troubleshoot CC delivery issues you would want to open a ticket with us at The great likelihood here is that these emails are being caught in a filter on your end, though it will require some closer looking into a specific example for us to verify that.

    We look forward to hearing from you. 

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