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    Andreas Schuster

    Is it possible to use dynamic content in an help center article as well?
    For example localized URLs?

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    DeShawn Witter


    Dynamic Content placeholders will not work in articles, unfortunately. As a workaround, you can remove the language identifier from the URL (en-us, for example) and it should display in the language chosen by the end-user. I hope this helps answer your question!

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    Eva Wilhelmsson


    I get an error messade that it's not possible to save because of the unvalid reference on row 3 (my {{dc.welcome}} ). I creates one dc in swedish and one in english, can that be the problem? 

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Eva!

    Did you create two separate dynamic content items, or one dynamic content item with two variants? I think that if you have two different DC items with no variants the placeholders won't work.

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    Mario Valdes

    Hi @Eva I was having the same problem, in order to fix it you should call your dynamic content as follows:

    {{dc 'welcome'}}

    That is, replace the . for a space and use sigle quotes around your dynamic contente title.

    Hope this helps, cheers.

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    Anil Kumar (Regent Solutions)


    Can we use dynamic content in JS file?


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    EJ Hernandez

    Hi Anil,

    I'm afraid that it is not possible to use dynamic content in a JS file.

    As a workaround, what you can do is to create a hidden input field and within that place the dynamic content as its value. Make sure to create an ID for that so that you may use that as a reference in your JS file. I hope that helps.

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    Jacob J Christensen

    This is awesome! Thanks Arnaud!

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    Vladan Jovic

    The only way to use DC in JS is if we put JS code into HTML script tag on any of pages (or header/footer). 
    The same thing is about using DC into CSS (putting CSS in HTML with style tag). eg:

    h1.welcome-note {
    color: {{dc "color_font"}};
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    Jake Cahill

    Hi Vladan,

    Does this mean that if you use dynamic content in JavaScript in a <script> tag, you could use JS to replace content in your article with dynamic content when it's published?


    For example, you could write something like this in the WYSIWYG editor:

    "Use {{menu}} to delete a comment".

    Then use JS in the template to replace {{menu}} with some dynamic content?

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    Vladan Jovic (Edited )

    Hey Jake, unfortunately, it will not work on that way, cause you can't use DC as article content (in the WYSIWYG editor). We can put DC in article HTML template but in that case, DC item will be visible to any of articles.

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    Karsten Jensen


    How can I add dynamic content to the Help Center search Helper: {{search submit=true instant=true class='search search-full' placeholder='{{dc 'hc-home_page_heading_search'}}'}}

    I want my dynamic content inside the placeholder tag.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Karsten! I see that Trapta was able to help you with this over here. Let us know if you need anything else!

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    got some weird thing. Created an dynamic content which is active. I copied the placeholder name + pasted it inside the template code. But when i try to save i get: not possible to access `dc` in `dc.helpdesk_submit_request_button`

    More people have this? or some info why dc can't be accessed?

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    Jacob J Christensen

    Hi Paul,

    There's a notation difference in how the placeholder is used, maybe that's what is causing your error?

    Your placeholder in Zendesk support:


    Your placeholder should look like this in the html templates:

    {{dc 'placeholder'}}

    Hope that helps you out!

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    Thanks. that works :) i copied the placeholder name from the zendesk page. Forgot the ' ' :)

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