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Zendesk Voice allows support teams to track phone calls along with email, chat, web, Twitter and Facebook support requests. 


Zendesk Voice is a cloud-based phone support solution built right into Zendesk that makes it easy for growing companies to deliver affordable, efficient phone support. With Voice, companies can get started with phone support in minutes, without purchasing any extra equipment. It allows agents to provide phone support from the same platform they use to manage all other support channels. With Zendesk Voice added on, Zendesk is an all-in-one, multi-channel solution.

Voice plans

There are three plans available for Voice: Lite, Basic, and Advanced. For details about each plan, see Zendesk Voice pricing.

Phone numbers and minutes

Phone numbers and minutes are purchased separately from the per agent price. You may pay for phone numbers and minutes as-you-go or pre-purchase credit in bulk at a discounted price. If you pay-as-you-go, your usage will be billed monthly and appear as a separate line item in your Zendesk account. See below for more details on credit package discounts.

Calls are charged per minute, rounded up to the nearest minute. A call starts when the caller first hears your voice greeting or when an agent connects to a customer through an outbound phone call.

For more information about setting up and using Voice, see Voice resources

Inbound calls

Zendesk supports inbound calls to 40 countries globally. Agents can accept calls in two ways:

  • Using the embedded browser phone client, agents can receive calls in the browser for a flat rate globally;
  • Or agents can forward calls to their phones, subject to local rates per country.


Customers call my Zendesk in
and my agent answers calls using a
and my account is billed in
Phone numbers
per month
Inbound calls
per minute
per minute
Voicemail transcription
per minute*
*English language transcription available only.

Outbound calls

Using Zendesk, agents can contact customers in any country in the world. Calls costs are subject to outbound rates for the country called by the agent. As is the case with inbound calls, agents connecting outbound calls to their phones are subject to local rates per country.

I call a customer using the
and call customers in
and my account is billed in

Outbound call rates


Package discounts

Zendesk offers discounts when purchasing Voice credit in bulk through invoicing. Please contact our sales team for more information.
My Zendesk account is billed in
PriceTotal Voice CreditsSavings
$1,000 $1,031 $31 (3%)
$2,500 $2,632 $132 (5%)
$5,000 $5,556 $556 (10%)
$20,000 $23,529 $3,529 (15%)
$50,000 $62,500 $12,500 (20%)
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    I'm from Denmark. I assume that these fees is paid by me, so my customers are calling for free, right?

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    Hi Thomas, yes, that's correct, these fees reflect what you pay.  The caller will pay whatever normal charges they may pay for calling a phone number.  Does that make sense?

  • 0

    Are these costs added together?

    i already have a freephone number can you take over that number or must i just set the redirect - no problem either way.

    So if i receive a 1 min call to my browser, what will it cost me in total?

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    Is it possible to receive call via my iPhone app?


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    So, as I understand it, if I got a Toll-Free number and had it forward to my phone in Virginia, this would cost me $2.00 a month, and then $0.025 per call; and it would keep a record of the calls?

    Also, are there any screen-shots of the records page? Any way to apply a record to a ticket?

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    @Admin, yes, you would add the inbound leg ($0.013/min) to the outbound leg; $0.03/min by browser or a different cost depending on where you're forwarding to the agent.  For a 1 min call to your browser, it would cost $0.016/min.

    @Tony, right now we've not done any integration into our iPhone app, but we're looking into this.

    @Matthew, you are correct, except the cost would be $0.038/min, because you need to add the inbound charge to the forwarding charge.  Your phone calls will be automatically created as a ticket in Zendesk.


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    Agent Forwarding to a local Canadian number (except for the exclusions listed under Canada) is charged the same United States (+1) rate of $0.025 per minute.

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    What is not clear to me are the following questions:

    1. If I have an Italian number and an Italian calls that number, is it the same as if another country calls my Italian number?

    2. If you are using Trillio, why don't we just use Trillio?  What do you add?

    3. We are launching a new company in Italy today.  Expecting to grow rapidly, but want to give good service to our customers.  Should I call your sales dept. to set up the best system?

  • 0

    Hi John, to answer your questions:

    1.  Yes, the cost to you for calls to your Italian number will be the same whether the caller calls from within our outside Italy.

    2.  Twilio is an applications framework, meaning that you cannot, out-of-the-box, get a similar service to Zendesk Voice.  The value that our integration with Twilio adds is that phone calls are integrated with your agent interface and we automatically track phone calls for you.

    3.  Yes, please reach out to support@zendesk.com if you would like more information from our sales team to meet your needs.

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    We started testing with Voice, some work in progress I think, but workable. However, what happens with the numbers when service is ended and/or can you migrate the number e.g. for other usage. In normal voice operations geo-numbers can be freely migrated, can't read anything about this issue. If not, it might not be a good idea to use the zendesk-numbers as published ones.




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    I'm new to the forums and just getting started with ZenDesk. I just enabled Voice and I'm wondering if it's possible to BLOCK certain countries from calling in. If so, how can I do that?



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    Hi George, it's not currently possible to do so.  Can you explain a bit more about your use case?  Are there spam callers from certain countries that you would like to avoid?  Even if someone calls from outside of your phone number's country, you will still be charged the same inbound rate.

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    I haven't opened voice up to our customers yet as I'm trying to figure it all out first. 

    If I understand the pricing correctly, we get charged $0.013 (1.3 cents) for the incoming call from wherever the call originates and then the applicable forward rates based on where the callers is calling from. 

    For example: A caller from Bahrain would cost us $.013 for the incoming call and then $1.77 per minute thereafter. And, that's a cost I would like to be able to control.

    So, ultimately, to control cost I would like to be able to block certain countries.


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    @George. THe "forwarding rates" are when an agent takes the call on their external phone. The originating call is not a factor in pricing.

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    Ah, okay, great!!! That makes a world of difference.


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    Hi Justin,

    My question was, when we receive any calls on the Zendesk voice number and that callis are forwarded to the Agent on mobile, will these calls be recorded?


    In this case, we are paying the incoming call rate + forwarding rate together, right?


    Or the calls to the Zendesk voice number and forwarded to the agent on brower will be the only calls recorded and attached to the ticket?


    Please let me know.


    Thanks a lot.

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    All calls sent to a Zendesk Voice number are recorded, including those answered via a mobile or office phone. 

    Edit: corrected. 

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    Is there an option to administratively turn off recording for sensitive information?

  • 0

    Tony, there is currently no option to turn off the ability to record.

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    Hi. Am if I use a Zen Desk number, am I able to use professionally recorded greetings, menus, voicemail greetings, hold music, etc?

  • 0

    Trevia, we do offer the ability to upload your own recordings.  Many of our Voice users have made their own professional recordings and uploaded these for use.

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    Any news on this: We'll eventually offer SIP integration which may help you with integrating into your existing PBX. ??

    As for the moment we route voice from our PBX to Zendesk Voicenumber and from there back into our PBX, which is not only slightly more expensive, it also influences the sound quality (SIP in > out > in) and latency substantially. So any proper integration would help a lot !!

  • 0

    Hi Bert, we don't have an ETA on SIP yet, but I will update you here when it's available.

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    The Zendesk Voice number will not be communicated to our customers. They will call our office and in the IVR they select Customer Services, which will reroute the calls to the Zendesk Voice number. I suppose we will pay the 0,0013+0,003 plus also the cost from our local telephone number to the Zendesk Voice number, so in Holland starting with €0,10 + €0,05 per minute. All together for a 1-minute call that should be 0,1516/min. Is that correct?

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    @Jaap: Price quoted on our site are in US$. Voice charges start when the call arrives at your Zendesk, to the completion time, including wait time, rounded up to the next minute. In addition to the incoming/forwarding cost of your phone system, Voice charges are listed below:

    • Calls to agent's browser: $.016/min  
    • Calls to agent's phone: $.051/min*

    *: Agent phone forwarding costs are listed here: https://support.zendesk.com/entries/21155348-zendesk-voice-pricing

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    @Aaron: that 0,016 is clear and that it are $ instead of € too. But all this are costs that Zendesk charges to us as customers.

    But what will our customers pay when they call our Dutch Zendesk Voice number?

    Those costs will also be charged to us when our customers don't call our Zendesk number but our local number and we forward those incoming calls from our telephone exchange (+31-342-xxx) to our Zendesk number (+31-85888xxx).

  • 0

    @Japp: Voice only charges when calls arrive in Zendesk. Charges to your customers are directly related to their local charges from their provider to the number they dialed.. Forwarded calls to your Zendesk would be paid for by you, to your phone provider.

  • 0

    Is this option available with all plans?

  • 0

    @Flash: Yes! All plans can use Voice. On Starter, you are limited to 1 number. All other plans are unlimited. More info: http://www.zendesk.com/product/compare

    Note: Each number would be charged a monthly fee ($1/mo for local number; $2/mo for toll-free).

  • 0

    And what about calls from Russia to Russian agent?

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