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  • Thomas Verschoren
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    One quick way to fix it is by using a trigger:

    IF ALL

    - Ticket is created

    - Channel is Facebook Wall Post

    - Requester is "Name of your own user"



    Ticket status is solved.


    That way, all tickets created by your user are automatically solved and skip the inbox of your agents.

  • Henrik Heusala
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    Hi Andres and Thomas,
    A quick note on the proposed solution.

    1. In Zendesk triggers you can't directly choose an requester if it's not your agent (light agents work too if you have this enabled). For end-users a good way is to add a tag to the user or org level in Zendesk user profile and use that tag in your trigger .
    "Ticket Requester" is "User" -> "Tags" contains one of the following "autosolve_this_ticket"

    The tag will be present in all new tickets from that user or organization.

    2. Second thing to consider is reporting if this type of feature is used - having autosolving tickets messes up 1st reply and Full resolution time statistics as well as of course a few others. This can of course be filtered out within reports/dashboards using channels or whatever is appropriate but a better way might be to for example create and direct these autosolving tickets to a special group maybe even created for this purpose- this way it's easier to use the default reporting tools properly/ avoid doing custom reporting work with just understanding to filter on group level which is provided on any Explore/Insights default reporting dashboard. (And if the group "Customer Service" etc doesn't solve these within Zendesk as understood from the use case they shouldn't be in their group anyhow)

  • Conza
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    Hi Amie B,

    Interesting. Thanks.

    With Zendesk message, its just LiveChat etc, yeah? Possible to respond etc, when not available online? 

    Also, can you tell me more about this?

    "3. You could then create a or automation which can solve out those private facebook message tickets automatically (there's a condition available to use specifically for it). This would then also leave the normal facebook wall post tickets in support for the agents to respond to as normal from there." 

    What would that look like? 




  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Conza,

    I believe the trigger Amie is referencing would look similar to the following: 

    You can also have the trigger add a tag if you'd like to report on these tickets at a later date.

    Hope this helps!

  • Amie B
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    Yep that's the one. Thanks Brett!

    Hope this helps you all along the way. :)

  • Adnan
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    Hi, is there any workaround if I need to add more facebook pages more than 15?

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Adnan,

    I'm not sure if this limit can be raised. I'm going to create a ticket on your behalf and pass this over to our Customer Advocacy team to see if this is possible.



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