Adding the On-hold ticket status to Zendesk Support

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  • Andrew J
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    Hello Nathan, nothing stops the first reply time clock except a first reply.

    First reply time measures how quickly your customer gets to hear from you after the ticket is assigned... if you don't reach out to them to tell them that you are waiting for info from a third party, then from the customers perspective you will have a long first reply time.

    Best practice would be to inform the customer what is happening, that will be your first reply then. Perhaps give them an ETA.  

  • Melanie Scarth
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    Can someone give me an idea on how to create the trigger that keeps tickets on- hold ?


    We use on hold to get feedback from product , so if the status changes the ticket will be removed from the view for team members.


    Meaning for example:

  • Devan
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    Hello Melanie Scarth,

    The following Trigger set up should be able to accomplish keeping tickets on hold, as you described. Let me know if this works out for you. 

    Best regards.


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