Creating multiple ticket forms to support different request types (Professional add-on and Enterprise)

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  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Mamad - 

    Sometimes it takes a little while for those updates to take effect. Are you still having trouble, or are you now able to do it? 

  • Geert Declercq


    I have created multiple forms in our sandbox environment, but I don't get a dropdown in the support form.

    Can I check on what plan our sandbox environment is (I though it was enterprise, because I'm able to create multiple ticket forms) to exclude that it's a license issue?




  • Jacob J Christensen

    Hi Geert,

    If a brand is selected that is associated with your forms the drop-down selector should be available, but if they are not associated with the selected brand then forms should not be selectable. Hope that makes sense? 

    If you have a sandbox you should be on Enterprise - and the sandbox will be the same as the primary instance. 

  • Geert Declercq

    Hello Jacob,

    thanks for your help, that was amongst others what was missing; as we're using the webwidget I also had to indicate to override the default support form.


  • Chris Thomassen

    Professional user here, website & help center is written in 5 languages.

    When adding or editing ticket forms, only english is shown and there is no option to switch between languages.

    I want to add tags to certain tickets so I can properly manage the workflows, but I need to be able to do this separately per language. Is this not supported or am I missing something?




  • Jacob J Christensen

    Hi Chris,

    For translating ticket forms/fields, you may find this helpful:

    If you want to tag tickets based on language, you could setup a trigger to add a tag based on requester language.

    Hope that gets you started!

  • Debbie Drum

    Hi I am unclear how to actually put this form on my website? Please help thanks! 

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Debbie!

    The Submit a Request form is automatically available on your Help Center; you don't need to do anything to make it appear. Bear in mind, though, that it will not show up if you are viewing your Help Center as an agent or admin, since those roles can't use the form to submit tickets. Hope that helps!

  • Penelope Ng

    Hi, taking the ticket form that Zendesk had created as an example: What is the step for us to create custom forms for each topic that users have selected? For e.g. clicking on Zendesk Support ticket workflow creates a different form compared to a Channel Management form. I believe some of the same questions above were not answered by the team. 

    Do give us your advice on this. Appreciate it.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Penelope!

    If you're on the Professional or Enterprise plan, you can create multiple ticket forms to support different types of support requests (please note that ticket forms are a paid add-on for the Professional plan). Any form that you create to be visible to end-users will appear as an option for them in the Help Center Submit A Request form, and when they select the form they want, the fields for that form will appear.

    Hope that helps!

  • Josh Gardner

    Hello - we currently don't have the ability to create multiple forms. Should we get this functionality will we be able to assign a unique for to a organization?

  • Hari Hartas

    Hi Team, 


    Is it possible for Professional Plan to retrieve the ticket form ID? All the provided articles mentioned that we need to be in Enterprise plan or Professional Add On. Is there any other way for me to retrieve the single ticket form ID?


    Thank you

  • Ryan C.
    Hi Hari,
    Thank you for the question! Generally, you are correct with your inquiry. Ticket Form ids will not show in the UI unless you are Enterprise or Professional Add-On. However, if you need the form id you could login and view the raw JSON via the API. Use this link: It's going to return raw JSON that will look strange to you, but all you need to do is inline search for "ticket_form_id". That will bring you back a little id number. :)
    Hope this helps!
  • Fatima Sbeih

    Does anyone know if forms show up in Explore? 

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Fatima,

    According to our Metrics and attributes for Zendesk Support article, you can use Explore to report on ticket forms you've set up in your Support account.

    Hope this helps!

  • twhj36091

    Hello, I'd like to link the Ticket form with the Article in the Zendesk Guide.
    (ex. When you click "Submit a request" in the "What's the desktop?" article, then the pre-mapped "Basics Ticket Form" will be exposed immediately.)

    Can I map up to a specific value in the Custom field in the "Basics Ticket Form" to expose it?

    ex. "Basics Ticket Form" configurates fields like this :
    1. What kind of enquiry do you have from Zendesk? : Custom field
    a. Support
    b. Guide
    c. Chat
    2. Title : System field
    3. Description: System field

    When you click "Submit a request" in the "What's the desktop?" article, it's exposed with a "Support " selected in the pre-mapped custom field in the "Basics Ticket Form" form.

    I'd really appreciate it if you could check it.

  • Luke Harbour

    Is it possible to relabel system fields so they show differently on different forms? 

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Luke,

    You won't be able to change the name these fields unless you make them read-only for end-users. This will allow for you to change the name shown to the requester of the ticket, however, you won't be able to rename the field shown to agents. Additionally, you can have a different name displayed for reach ticket form this field is added to. You'd most likely need to create a separate ticket field for each form.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!


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