The new Zendesk: FAQs

The new Zendesk is an updated agent interface, which was created to help agents solve tickets faster and increase customer satisfaction. It’s simply a new interface, so everything you’d expect to see, like tickets, views, macros, etc. are all available here.  And this new interface is entirely agent-facing, so there is no change to the experience of your end users, and your customer service portal continues to work exactly as before.

The new Zendesk also comes with a new web portal called Help Center. Built from the ground up, the Help Center is designed to provide end-users with a complete self-service support option. They can use the information in the knowledge base or turn to the community for answers.

Why did you build the new Zendesk?

At Zendesk, we aim to keep raising the bar when it comes to the design and usability of our product.  We want to provide a product that is beautifully simple, whether you’re completing an easy task, or a complicated one.  And given that quick resolution times are such a key factor in customer satisfaction, we wanted to increase agent productivity, through features like keyboard shortcuts, instant search and the ability to solve ticket after ticket without interrupting your flow. And finally, we wanted to reinforce the human aspect of customer service, moving the focus of interactions from the ticket to the individuals you’re helping by surfacing more information about your end users when viewing their tickets.  This more holistic view of the customer will also result in faster resolution times, and happier customers for you.

Do I have to move to the new agent interface now?

Yes, and we've created a document to help you through the process: Moving from Classic to new Zendesk .

For now, we'll continue to support your use of the Classic version of Zendesk, but we will be announcing an end-of-life date in the near future. To ensure that your team has sufficient time to move to the new Zendesk, we'll notify all Zendesk Administrators and Account Owners at least six months before end of life for the Classic version of Zendesk.

However, in addition to the improved interface, we have built some great new features into the new Zendesk that we think you’ll find quite compelling. These features were created to help agents solve tickets faster and increase customer satisfaction, such as:

  • Help Center
  • Tickets requiring your attention
  • “Start” button
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Multi-tab interface
  • Instant search
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Single page app
  • Zendesk Apps
  • Localized interface

Should I move to the new Zendesk now?

We are confident that you will love the new Zendesk even more than the Classic version. One customer even told us it was better than ice cream (and pizza, and ice cream again)!

And, since Zendesk Classic is coming to an end soon, you should start to plan your transition.

I’m an agent - how can I get access to the new Zendesk?

Your Zendesk administrator will need to enable the new Zendesk for you.

Do you have any resources that will help me get up to speed on the new Zendesk?

We do - have a look at our new Getting Started guide .  We’re also holding webinars to help get you up to speed on the new agent interface. And our Customer Advocates are always here to help you learn more about the new Zendesk.

Will you keep the existing documentation in the forums about the Classic version? How do I find it?

For the time being, we still provide user guide documentation for Zendesk Classic. You can find the Getting Started Guide here .  In the Agent and Administrator guides, the instructions for Classic are alongside those for the new version of Zendesk. The instructions for Classic are clearly marked with 'Zendesk Classic'. You can find the Agent and Administrator guides here .

But when Zendesk Classic goes away, so will the Classic docs.

Will my team need training to move over to the new Zendesk?

We’ve had lots of customers participate in the beta for the Zendesk, and the feedback we’ve received is that it is incredibly intuitive. However, we do realize that new things do take some getting used to, so have scheduled some webinars to help your team make the move to the new Zendesk.

We love the new agent interface - as an admin, how can I make sure my entire team is using it?

Glad to hear it!  Please contact our Customer Advocate team , and they can make the new agent interface the default for your team.

As an admin, can I enable the new agent interface for just part of my team?  I’d like some of them to use Classic, and others to be using the new interface.

All of your agents will need to have the same default interface - either the new Zendesk, or Classic. However, if there are specific agents on your team who you’d like to try out the new Zendesk, you can leave the default set to Classic, and they can simply add /agent to the end of the url once they are logged into Zendesk.  For example, if you see when you are logged in, change the url to to access the new interface.

Will our end users know that we have switched from Classic?

No, there is no change to your end users’ experience,  as only the agent interface has been updated.  And, your customer service portal remains the same as it is today.

Are there any technical restrictions, such as browser or operating system?

The new Zendesk will work on Windows and Mac operating systems, and on Safari 5+. Firefox 10+, any version of Chrome, as well as IE9 and later. If you are using an earlier version of IE, we recommend you upgrade to IE9, download another browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome), or continue to use the Classic interface. Please note that this browser limitation only affects agents and admins; end users can continue to access your web portal using any browser they choose.

Does the new Zendesk include all of the features that are in the Classic version?

All major features in Classic are currently available in the new agent interface. In addition to being at parity, here are some new features that you’ll find in the new agent interface that aren’t in Classic:

  • Tickets requiring your attention
  • “Start” button
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Multi-tab interface
  • Instant search
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Single page app
  • Zendesk Apps

Will the new Zendesk keep the same weekly release schedule?

Yes, we plan on making the same frequent releases.

Will all features in the future be built in both Classic and the new interface?

Until the end-of-life date for Zendesk Classic is announced, we'll support the Classic version of Zendesk and ensure that all features and functionality are working and performing properly. In addition, our customer advocates will continue to provide support for the Classic interface. However, the majority of new agent-focused features will be developed only in the new Zendesk interface.

After we've retired Zendesk Classic, we will no longer be providing support for it.

What about my widgets? Will they automatically move over?

In the new version of Zendesk, Widgets are now called apps. You can navigate to them by going to Settings (the cog icon) in the left hand sidebar and clicking on apps; this will be where you’ll find not only Public Apps (formerly known as Native Widgets), but also the Private Apps you create specifically for your account.

Note that any end-user-facing Widgets on your customer portal should be unaffected by moving to the new agent interface.

At launch, most of the integrations you’ve come to know like Salesforce, Harvest, Freshbooks, etc., will be available to install in the new agent interface.  To see all of the apps that are available, please visit our new Apps page , or log into your account, click Admin (the cog icon in the bottom left corner), and select Apps > Browse.

If Zendesk or a (Zendesk partner) has created agent-facing Widgets for you, however, these will need to be migrated to the new apps framework.  Please reach out to your Account Manager, who can provide assistance, or see Evaluating your widgets before moving to the new Zendesk .

If you have created custom Widgets of your own that are agent-facing, they cannot be automatically migrated to the new agent interface. These widgets will require modification in order to work with the new app framework.  We’ve created documentation to explain how to modify your Widgets to work as apps in the new agent interface, and we’re also holding a series of webinars with office hours where you can ask specific questions about the new framework. And of course, you can always contact our Customer Advocate team for help.

Yes! Any macros, triggers, automations or targets that you’ve built in the Classic version will be available and completely functional in the new Zendesk agent interface.

When it comes to security, what are the specific new measures and protocols that are part of the new Zendesk?

The new Zendesk requires that agents use it through the Zendesk domain, over an SSL connection. While this was possible in Classic, it was also possible for an admin to turn this off, so the end-user experience could be more tightly customized. Because the new Zendesk is for agents only, we feel that putting everyone on an SSL connection through the Zendesk domain gives optimal security. Aside from this, there are no changes when compared with Classic.

Does the new Zendesk have the same out-of-the-box reports that Classic has?

All of the reports that are available to you in the Classic interface are also available in the new Zendesk. You can access your reports by clicking on the cog icon at the bottom left of your screen, and then on “Reports”. With the new interface, we are also introducing a brand new reporting dashboard for those on the Team, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

I am an Enterprise client with a multi-branding set up - how will this affect my account?

In general, you can use the hub and spoke feature in either the new Zendesk or the Classic Zendesk. However, to ensure your agents are not switching contexts, we suggest that both the hub and the spokes either all be in the new Zendesk or all in the Classic Zendesk. If the Hub was created in Classic, and a spoke in the new Zendesk, we can move the hub into the new Zendesk, or the spoke into Classic to make it a better experience for the agents.
What if I need help?

Our Customer Advocate team is here and ready to help you with any questions you might have.

What do I need to do to move my team over to new Zendesk?

Where can I provide feedback on the new Zendesk?

You can give feedback directly in the comments section below.

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  • Avatar
    John Alden Ross

    I just want to update my credit card to pay for my Zendesk account. How can I do it?

  • Avatar
    Jessie Schutz

    Hi John!

    As long as you are the Account Owner in your Zendesk, you can go to the Gear Icon in the lower left corner of your Agent interface, and scroll down to Settings. Click on Subscription. From there, you'll see a Change link next to your on-file payment method. Click on that, and you'll be able to change your credit card information.

    If you are not the Account Owner, you'll need to contact that person and have them do this - Administrators do not have access to billing and subscription functions. If the Account Owner is no longer available, you'll need to have Support process a Change of Ownership for you. If you need to go that route, let me know and I can get a ticket started for you.

    Hope that helps!