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The Admin home page is designed to give you the tools you need to configure Zendesk Support. It's the place to go if you need to change something.

The page also gives you a snapshot of your current configuration. The information is useful if you're looking for ways to optimize Zendesk Support to meet your support goals.

Agents have access to a version of the Admin page that's tailored to their permissions and needs.

To access the Admin home page

  • Click the Admin () icon in the sidebar.

    If you're on another admin page, you can get back to your home page by clicking Overview at the top of the sidebar.

Tip: Bookmark the page for quick one-click access. The URL is

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    Can this page be hidden from non-admins?

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    Hi Thom,

    While this page cannot be hidden from agents in your account, it is restricted based on their permissions so you won't need to worry about them accessing any settings or information they wouldn't otherwise be able to!

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    I am wasting my time trying to find the admin so that I can cancel the free trial. I am so angry now, I will post on the social media if I do not lose the free trial. Thanks.


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