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  • Chee Lee
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    Hi all,

    I am having an issue where if I set the organization domain to *****, Zendesk will not automatically assign the End User to that Organization, even though their account has been verified. 

    If I set the domain to, then it will work just fine.

    Any solution to this problem?



  • Charles Larry
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    Am I right in thinking that an end-user can't see his organization name anywhere in the UI?  (I am aware the agents can see the end-user's organization).  For example, on the My Activities page, there is a link that simply says "Organization requests":




    And in the user profile, the organization doesn't appear either?  Am I missing a place where the organization name is exposed to the end-user?

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    @Chee as far as I know this domain field will only accept the domain such as or Including the @ is not necessary in this field.

    @Charles, if you enable the Allow users to belong to multiple organizations option then your users should see an Organization drop-down under the My Activities page. If you don't have this enabled then there's no organization name exposed to the end-user.


  • Harry Francis
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    Is it not possible to have organisations automatically created? Otherwise an admin has to constantly update this, which is a pointless task for companies which have rapidly growing client bases... or am I missing something here?

  • Erika H
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    HELP! Between yesterday and today, the manual "add organization to a user profile" option changed from a drop down menu (listing all available organization names) to a text input that requires the user to search for the correct organization name in order to populate the field!   This is going to make it difficult for our agents to connect user profiles to organizations due to typos and possibly not knowing the correct name of the appropriate organization.

    I can understand that this change may have been made to help accounts with hundreds of organizations in their records since a list of hundreds of names would be challenging to contend with.... but there must be a better way to improve the org management tools than this change.  For example, being able to group organizations by a category or something so that agents might be restricted to only add users to certain organizations.

    But more importantly:

    With this change, it appears that a user cannot be manually disconnected from an organization anymore.  I tried typing and selecting the "-" option in the input field to dissociate a user from an organization they had been added to.  When the "success, a change was made" message disappeared from the top right corner of the screen, I noticed that the org name was still in place on the user profile.  Is there any plan to add this manual function back in, or will an admin have to be requested to make the change using the import feature or the API?

    Thanks for any info on this!


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