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  • pstrauss

    Is there a way to add a USER tag via Trigger? It seems that any tag I attempt to add using a Trigger ends up on the ticket level.

  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    Hi pstrauss You can find a list of available Trigger conditions and actions here At this time you can't add a tag to a user from a trigger.

    That being said, you can create a custom user field and set that via trigger. That will then automatically add the tag at the user level.

    Hope that helps!

  • Tom Cunningham

    Is there a way to search the tags under Admin>People>Tags? We have a good number of user tags on our account.

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Tom,

    Natively there is no search feature that will let you page through tags as you described. I shared some documentation below that covers some best practices in managing ticket tags in your account. Also, if this is a feature you would like added, I would recommend posting in our Product Feedback forums so our developers can consider implementing this change in a future update.  

    Managing ticket tags

    Best regards.

  • Michael

    Our customers are split up into Support Tiers based on contract.  Initially when we setup Zendesk, we tagged these Organizations with the support tier - "enterprise" for example. 

    As we progressed the system, we now see a need to tie these tags to Jira for our Product Managers via the Jira application.  We are able to pass these tags if they are tagged with "jira_" for instance "jira_enterprise". 

    I'm wondering what the best way to replace the tag "enterprise" with "jira_enterprise" would be.  We have thousands of orgs to update (with 6 different support tiers), so manually isn't really a great option.  These orgs carry other tags as well, which I'm fairly confident a CSV import would remove.

    Hoping someone has a solution for this!


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Michael,

    I would do an export of your Organizations with their current tags and do a search and replace and reupload.  You're right it will overwrite what's there, so make sure your upload keeps the other existing tags in place on that org!

    Definitely test this out with a small sample to tweak as needed.

  • Marci Abraham

    I am kinda in shock here...I have been looking high and low for a way to get a custom ticket field to update the user profile. And everything I read says it's not possible. I'm not just reading old stuff...even new stuff says the same thing. There are lots of frustrated people out there, trying to do this...and yet the answer is right here.

    In another thread elsewhere in the community, I have been working with another user who is doing something like what Colin Piper suggested here. But it's not simple and I don't have it working yet.

    I was going to play around with updating tags instead of a custom user field, so a search brought me to this article. Following on Colin's suggestion (which was 5 years ago, mind you) Carsten Falborg had an idea to use a trigger. This really caught my eye, but I figured it couldn't possibly work. There's "no way" to update a user based on a ticket field, right?

    Well, apparently there is. And it was confirmed just recently by Chris Bulin who said, quite matter-of-factly, as if it was always this way, "you can create a custom user field and set that via trigger. That will then automatically add the tag at the user level."

    So I tried it. And it worked. 

    I cannot believe that this isn't more well known. I mean, someone (I'll start, lol) should be tracing back all those threads and saying "hey, yes, there's a way!" And it's maddeningly simple. 

    Now I do realize that it's not elegant and may not work for all cases I have seen described in other threads. There has to be one trigger for each option, e.g., I have 5 choices in a dropdown ticket field, and 5 matching choices in a user field, so each one of them needs its own trigger. If you have 10 choices, or if you have a ton of fields and options, it might be a real bear. And there could even be conflicts or race conditions that I haven't discovered yet. But so far all testing has come out perfect. And for me, it's totally worth it to set up a bunch of triggers for the long term results.

    Big ups to those who shared this simple solution here. Thank you!

  • Sebastian

    Glad you figured it out and yes, the language thing would have been doable with a number of triggers as well. I should have suggested and thought of the trigger solution first though.

    We use HTTP targets for a bunch of updates on ticket and user data that otherwise can't be processed through triggers because it needs at least some checks we can do with liquid, the script language used in the dynamic content.

  • Marci Abraham

    And I'm guessing that the liquid if/else statements might be used to avoid having to create multiple triggers for a single dropdown list?Sebastian

  • Marci Abraham

    And I totally get why you didn't think of triggers first....the thread we were on explicitly says, over and over again, that NO, you can't do this with triggers! The whole point of the thread was people trying to find a workaround. Again....unless I am totally missing something!  LOL

  • Sebastian

    No, it's korrekt, you can set some things via triggers, not all though. Using HTTP targets with the API helps in these cases. The if statement allows to check multiple fields and values so saves using multiple triggers, yes. While liquid is not so very mighty one can still check and to a bunch of helpful things with it.

  • Tom Ferlaak


    I am trying to add tags to users/agents in Zendesk in our organization via Active directory group or custom field.

    We currently are syncing with AD for our agent permissions and such. We have a group of users we currently manually tag with "Approver" through the zendesk administration. but when we force a sync with Active directory it clears this tag altogether. Is there a way to make this not clear out or set an automation to use a custom field or any other way to get this done? 



  • Michael Froeming
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Tom,

    It appears that you've chatted with us, Zendesk support team, where we're able to address your issue. Turns out it's a configuration issue within your Active Directory.



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