Creating custom roles and assigning agents

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  • Virgil Rojer

    It feels really random which settings are unable to be used by people within a role. Why can I give people within a role full control over triggers and extensions, but ticket forms and ticket fields are unavailable by default? Or how most settings options are also just hidden by default.

    I want to be able to make a role that gives some important rights with some limitations but as it is right now I can only choose between having not enough rights or being able to do anything.

  • Rachael Codron

    There is no "roles" option in Manage>People. And I'm an admin so I have an admin view.

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Hi Rachel, 

    Are you on an Enterprise plan?  Custom roles are an Enterprise plan feature.

  • Rachael Codron

    Dan Cooper Oh, no, we have the Professional plan. I just want my agent to be able to set up macros for all agents to use instead of just her. She only has the "Me only" option, not the "All agents" option.


    Hi ZD team,
    I'd like to realize what the role is in a real world in the chat only agent of Zendesk Support. Could you give me a example?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Geoff Clare

    I would like to suggest a change to the behaviour documented in this note:

    "To create or edit multiple-group macros, agents must be assigned a role with permission to add and edit global macros (not just “group” macros, which will limit them to single-group macros)."

    It would be a great improvement if this could be changed so that agents who can edit group macros and who belong to multiple groups can create and edit macros that are available to more than one of the groups to which they belong. Not allowing them to edit macros that are available to a group they don't belong to is reasonable, but if they belong to all of the groups it is available to, then it is unnecessarily restrictive and complicates the way such macros are updated because they have to ask a team leader or administrator to make changes.

  • Jennifer

    What is the difference between these default Enterprise agent roles and the Support user roles?

    Are these new roles meant to be in addition to the existing roles (which I believe may be the Support user roles) we have set up within our account? Will the Enterprise agent roles be automatically added into our account if so?

  • Mark Schäfermann

    The Enterprise roles kinda overwrite the existing roles from Professional. All Agents who haven't switched to a new role will have "-" as role in their profile and in the agent list will show as Legacy Agents (except Light Agents).

    The difference is that the Enterprise roles can be changed in what they can do in Support, like edit organizations or create ticket fields.

    The default roles are just suggestions for suitable roles. I would say that staff is close to the same as the professional agent.


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