Understanding and setting light agent permissions (Collaboration Add-on)

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  • Claire Smith


    Can light agents access reporting?


  • Graeme Carmichael


    Yes, Light Agents can access reporting. You have the option of setting Light Agents with Viewing access or no access. Light Agents cannot edit reports.

    Also, the privilege is set at role level, not individual user. If you allow Light Agent to view reports, that setting applies to all Light Agents.

  • Jason Walker

    The ZD pricing is very frustrating. We need to have 3 people (in sales, product and management) from within our ORG CC'ed on all tickets.

    We currently have 5 paid Pro agents @ $59 per month. The original solution was to add 3 more Pro agents @ $59 per month. Now we can add 10 light agents @ $250 per month. WTH? We simply need to auto CC 3 people in the ORG.

    The kicker here is, we only need one agent to monitor the community. So we have to upgrade all 5 agents to the pro @ $59 vs. team @ $25.

    I think we found a better solution. Since the community has not until very recently had any significant upgrades. We will abandon the ZD community and migrate that to a competitor. Pay for one user there and downgrade the remaining 4 agents to essential and add the 3 additional agents. Doing this we will get a superior community and save 2/3 the cost.

    That all being said. Would be nice if there was:

    1. A lower flat rate for individual light agents and not a 10 agent minimal @ additional $250.
    2. A way to mix plans. Something like 2 pro agents w/ 3 essential agents.
    3. Have a separate plan or add-in for community moderators
    4. The best of all is to simply allow automated way to CC additional folks.
  • Josh

    Light agent role need to be clone-able.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Jason!

    I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling frustrated right now. I'm going to pull you into a ticket so someone on our Support team can confirm what plan you're currently on, and walk you through the changes you want to make and what that's going to look like.

    In the mean time, you can find a list of pricing FAQs here: FAQs on Plan Changes Introduced in November 2015. Hopefully that will help to clear things up for you.

    We'll see you in your ticket shortly!

  • Emily Littlefield

    Not sure if this has already been addressed previously, sorry if it is a repeat question, why can't Light Agents create Views?

    It would be ideal for our Light Agents to be able to create their own personal Views to help them find all tickets that meet certain criteria like requester, or brand, etc. Instead all they can do is search every time they need to find tickets or I have to create the Views they need and then those Views are there for everyone in the Group to see. I need another way to help Light Agents sort through tickets. Is there anything anyone can think of?

  • Dan Graver

    Hi Zendesk,

    I've searched for an answer to this, but I haven't found one as yet.

    If I create a Role that has access to post private comments only, is that equivalent to a Light Agent and therefore does not count towards our Agent license count?

    The reason for this is we would like our Light Agents to be able to update End User accounts, but this is not selectable with the standard Light Agent role.

    Thanks! Dan.

  • Colin Piper

    @Dan. No, unfortunately you cannot create multiple Light Agent roles. If you try then they will be counted as full agents.

  • Dan Graver

    Bummer. Thanks for the swift reply though Colin!

  • OT

    Please could a Help Centre section be added to this article?  After experimenting it seems Light Agents pretty much act like non-Manager Agents for adding articles and moderating posts, but it would be nice to see it in here.  I hadn't realised they would be able to edit community posts until after we got the add-on!

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Ola!

    That's a good suggestion! I'll send this along to our Docs team to see if we can do that.

  • Anthony G

    @Pierre Grenier or any one else on the ZenDesk team.


    Can we please make a user role that can only access the knowledge base? Or make it so that you can have some light agents with access to all tickets and some light agents with limited access to their groups?


    We're trying to build an internal knowledge base using Help Center and want to use Light Agent accounts to have different departments access it, but operationally we've enabled Light Agents to see all tickets because our warehouse floor needed a better way to view all of the relevant tickets they're copied on (about 40 light agents).

    This warehouse floor will never respond publicly, and do not need full agent functionality, but we do not want to add them to the Customer Service group because the CS group only has about 15 true agents in it, the list of assignees would get completely bogged down with non-agents. Because of this, we made light agents able to access any tickets, so we could make views for the warehouse floor based on custom fields (for tickets outside their group).


    What we need now for our knowledge base is a user role that can only access the knowledge base and no tickets.

  • Jonathan March

    @Anthony If your goal is to provide certain staff members with access to no internal tickets but specified internal KB articles, the easiest way to do it would seem to be to define a virtual "organization" to which those staff members belonged, and make those limited-access KB articles not truly internal, but rather in a section whose access is limited to members of that organization.

  • Sean O'Hara

    I have a really old question to bring up, because I didn't see anyone ask it yet....


    We've been using light agents for years and find them valuable to provide insight into a non-ticket-owning-agent's workflow and monitoring of the staff's customer-base.


    However, I just stumbled onto a problem that I do not understand how it could exist in the first place.

    So I see that Light agents cannot search for end users. They can search "John Smith" and IF that name was used in a comment/note/description of a ticket, they can see all the tickets with that string used in it.

    They can search for "Super Awesome Company" and find their ORG, then click on said org, view all tickets, click on "John Smith's" tickets, and then click on "John Smith" and see all his tickets... Great!

    Why in the world can they not search for users then?

    Does the ability to search for all John Smiths, click on the right one in the Users search results somehow give them some power that they cannot access through the "workaround" by finding an org and clicking on a user's name?


    Here's my use case, it's pretty stupidly straight forward:

    "Account Management is assigned 20-1000 accounts. They are orgs. Those orgs have between 2 and 2000 users in Zendesk. When they receive a call or email that a user is having problems, they want to quickly, easily, and efficiently find their customer's tickets. The customer didn't provide a ticket number, so instead of asking the customer to provide it, or bother support for the ticket link... they are just going to search their name, pick it from the user list, and view all tickets, sort, etc."


    Why does this require going to the Org, finding the user out of the list of 2000 and then viewing all their tickets? Why the extra work?

    I'm sure there was at some point some sort of possible reason, and I'd:
    a. love to hear it

    b. petition for a change.


    I'll check the community for an enhancement but I really want to implore you to make this change someday, preferably soon, and would love to understand if there was a real good reason why they cannot search users.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Sean! Long time, no see. ;)

    Sorry about the delay here. Ultimately it boils down to a difference between how we intended for Light Agents to be used when we created them, and how customer use of the feature has evolved since that time.

    I chatted with Product last week about it, and they'd like to get more information about your use case and how you're using Light Agents that would require this kind of functionality. Would you mind hopping over to Product Feedback and laying it out for them?

  • Sean O'Hara

    Thanks for the reply Jessie! I know it's an older thread, and I'm definitely happy to help lay out the use case a bit more, but just for this thread's sake the short version is that our light agents, who are working with certain customers, need to have quick access to specific users' tickets and the easiest way is to search for a user and then hit their name for ticket lists. If they can workaround through orgs, why prevent the direct searching of users?

    I'll be hopping over to the Product Feedback section to help plead our case!

  • Jessie Schutz

    If I'm understanding what Jake told me when we talked about it on Friday, we looked at the overall functional restrictions for Light Agents along with the idea that the role would be used for monitoring and internal consultation with non-customer facing entities, it made the most sense on the back-end for us to restrict the user search function completely. Bear in mind that I'm just relaying the message; I'm not well-informed enough to expound on it further than that. :)

    I think you are far from the only person who is leveraging that role into workflows that push the boundaries of what we envisioned when we built it. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. :)

    Thank you for being willing to cross-post your use case!

  • Karol Grzelczak



    I understand that for Professional and Enterprise you get a limitless light agent licences? Any additional costs?

  • Josh

    Can you add so light agents can answer phone calls?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    @Karol - that's correct, there's no limit to light agents with the add-on. No additional costs unless you need to upgrade any of them to full agent access. 

    @Josh - no, light agents cannot answer calls, they must have an agent seat to be able to respond externally. 

  • Charlie Smith

    Hello, just reading through the comments, can you just confirm that Light Agents cannot have a Zendesk talk licence unless they are a full agent also?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Charlie - 

    That's correct. The Light Agent role is really meant to just be a read-only type of thing, so that individuals with specialized knowledge can weigh in on internal conversations regarding tickets. But it's not meant to be an end-user-facing role.

  • Candace Alexandres

    I understand the reasoning behind light agents not being able to leave a public comment when they are not the requester. That being said, if the light agent happens to be the actual requester, why does their comment have to be private? 

    Because of your current restricts in the "My activities" section of Guide, this is causing us some issues. 

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Candace!

    The way someone is able to interact with a ticket is determined by their role in your Zendesk, regardless of whether they're the requester on the ticket.

    Can you give us more information about your use case? Maybe we can come up with another solution.

  • Candace Alexandres

    Hi @Jessie, 

    Thanks for the response. A large portion of our business is managed service - meaning that the client has a dedicated account team that will interface with our support staff. There are dozens of account teams in the US alone that manage various accounts. We decided to grant light agent status to all of our account team members so that it is easy for them to access all tickets (this will help when it comes to time off coverage, transitioning accounts, pulling in subject matter experts etc.). 

    We don't want our account team members (aka light agents) to have to go into the Support Center to raise or review tickets. Instead we want these users to have the same kind of straight-forward user experience in Guide as our external self service end users.

    While we are signed up for the beta that allows agents to submit tickets via the ticket forms in Guide (very helpful), because light agents can only leave internal comments, the simple "My Requests" page in Guide is essentially useless, which is very disappointing. I've raised this feedback with the team in charge of the beta for agents using ticket forms but I figured there are multiple ways of addressing this issue. 

    Thanks for your time!

  • David Charlot

    Hi Team

    Is there a particular reason why Light Agent can't tag people in the Internal Note section of a ticket in Support? the @... functionality is quite useful to send notification to a person.

    I know Light Agents are restricted for Public comments but they should be able to "tag" other internal users in the Internal Note

    Thank you 




  • Jessie Schutz

    Thanks for the additional context, Candace!

    I'm afraid that, for your specific use case, having your Light Agents work in the Agent Interface is the only option you have available. I'm glad you gave your feedback on that beta, though! I know there are others who would like to be able to do something similar as well.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey David!

    Light Agents are not allowed to change any ticket properties, including adding or removing CCs. The @mention feature actually adds a CC to the ticket (this is how the CCs are notified), so they can't use that feature. I hope that clears things up!

  • Candace Alexandres

    Hi Jessie, 

    I have a follow up question about light agents being able to add CCs. Can't a light agent add a CC simply by replying to the comment via email and adding a new person to the email thread as a CC? 

    Also, we currently have the beta enabled to allow agents to enter tickets through the forms in Guide. We have the CC field included in our forms. As I understand it, light agents could use that CC field when entering in a ticket via the form. 

    ... So why not allow light agents to use the @mention feature if there are already ways for them to CC other users?

  • Jeff Callahan

    The chart above states that Light Agents can be "Be CC'ed on tickets" but cannot "Make public comments."

    If they are CC's can't they reply via email to generate a Public Comment?



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