Creating triggers for automatic ticket updates and notifications

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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator


    I'm not sure it's that condition exactly. But if it is, are you able to save it when you remove that action?

  • Bthomas

    What exactly is logic behind the meet ANY conditions.  Does it have to meet at least one of those?  Or can 0 to n of those conditions be met.  It would be nice to nest OR statements within AND statements for more usable logic.  Right now it seems like the meets ANY conditions are pretty pointless.

  • Jason Bevilacqua

    Do trigger email responses allow for rich text formatting?

  • Ricardo Vargas

    Hi there,

    Is there any way to auto-assign a ticket if the ticket is created through an specific email address? On our case the user would forward an email to and since the agentXYZ is created on zendesk, it should be assigned to him/her directly.


  • Adam Gudmundsson

    Hi Ricardo Vargas

    There is for sure. 

    Depending on how adaptable you need it to be. 
    If it's the same email addresses or they're from the same domain, you can easily create an organization for those.

    There are a few different approaches, we usually work more with filtered views in case an agent is out of office.

    But if you want to match an email address and automatically assign it to an agent it's easily done with triggers.
    You'll need on trigger per organization+assignee combination. 


  • Waseem Khan


    Recently we have moved to webform from email.

    In Our triggers we use to send notification to the customers on getting the request. We used "EMAIL" as the channel in the triggers we set up. To trigger the notification to the customers what channel i have to  use?

    Appreciate if someone can help me ASAP


    Waseem Khan

  • Ed Ball

    Can triggers not send an auto response and have the SLA stop?

    We created several auto responses for tickets that come in that need to be redirected to another site and that part works fine. The status is changed to pending but the SLA never stops counting. Looking at the ticket the events show everything, but the response is not counted as a response so the SLA never stops even though the ticket is in pending status.

    Do we have to do this with an automation in order to get the SLA timer to stop?

  • Austin Beck

    Good morning!

    I am attempting to use triggers to to add verbiage to tickets regarding processes or regulations around certain request types.  I feel as though there was once a comment/description option for triggers but I can no longer find this option. Is there the ability to have a trigger that will allow me to input internal note verbiage on a ticket based on the request type?


  • Genpower Trial

    I want to know if a trigger can be set up to notify a group that a customer has emailed us 3 times or more on the same ticket

  • Michael Froeming
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Austin,

    There were never a trigger action to insert a comment/description to a ticket. Such action is only present in macros.

    Here's Trigger conditions and actions reference as reference.



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