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    Garry Hart

    Is it possible to have Zendesk call out to a number if a ticket has not been updated in X hour(s) with Zendesk Voice?

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    Martin Bennett

    Is it possible to have an automation that looks for a specific field being updated? 

    For example, I have an RMA Status drop down that agent's can edit as the RMA goes through it's different stages. I want to create an automation that emails the team if a specific RMA Status value has been selected for more than say 24 business hours. 

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    Martin DeKorte

    I'm trying to set up an automation to affect a bunch of older tickets that aren't classified correctly but I'm receiving an error:I need to ensure that any ticket in those locations is updated to the appropriate district/region.


    What am I missing?

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    Colin Piper

    @Martin. Have the automation see a tag as part of the actions and test for that tag in the conditions. You need to have a method such aa this to prevent the automation looping 

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    Myroslav Burak (Edited )


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    Mike Domin

    Is there a method to preview an automation?

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    How can I create an automation that triggers within minutes (as opposed to hours)?

    For instance, if I wanted to sub the "Hours since Open" condition statement with a "Minutes since Open" one


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    George Mogilevsky

    Is there a way to see the automations that were fired off? For example, i have an automation that sends an email if the ticket wasn't assigned for a number of hours. Can i view those emails somewhere from admin and if they indeed were sent?

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    Heather R (Edited )

    Hi @George Mogilevsky,

    For brainstorming purposes, here's a few things that come to mind:

    You can have the automation add a tag to your tickets when it runs. This way you can create a view or do a search based on the tag.

    Or, you can copy yourself or an elected Agent on your account whenever the automation runs (yeah, I know, this one could stink but I use it when I first put in an automation to see if it's doing what I want and once we know it's working as designed, I stop copying myself!)

    Lastly, if you have Enterprise, you can enable the Email Archiving function to send a blind copy of ALL Zendesk emails to a designated account. This setting is in Admin -> Settings ->Tickets and scroll all the way down.  Depending how many emails your account sends out, you may need to clear that email out every few weeks.

    I hope one of these options work for you!



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    George Mogilevsky

    Thanks @Heather R !

    I actually can see that the admin side of zendesk counts the number of times the automation was fired. And I was even told that automations run every hour, so those numbers only change once an hour.

    Now, while I can't click through into the actual tickets that the automation was applied to from this admin screen, I can see that the automations did happen.

    And yes, I use tags anyway, so yes, I can find those tickets with the tags. Just an extra step. But it works.

    I agree with you about emails :)



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    Brad Marshall

    I second Bora's question. We have some SLA's that require a 1 hour first response. If the initial trigger does not get the attention of the first-tier support group within ~20 minutes, we need to alert a different second-tier group so they can step in and address the issue. 

    In other words, we have a trigger to alert people when the ticket is submitted, but we need a way to have an automation alert other individuals if not addressed quickly.

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    George Mogilevsky


    Like Heather said above, tag the ticket on each notification. And check for tags with conditions. So, 1st notification has tag AAA, second notification will have tag BBB. When you fire off second automation, the one that is after ~20 min, check with a condition that it doesn't have tag BBB so you don't send more than once (if that's the requirement).

    BUT like i was told, automations run every HOUR, so in your case, you need to fire it after ~20 min, it won't help you, because it doesn't fire on update like trigger, it checks automation conditions every hour, and it might take almost an hour to send that notification.

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    Brad Marshall

    That was my concern. I needed it to check every 10 minutes to meet my requirements. I understand how to do the follow-up automations, but needed it to run more frequently than once an hour.

    Hopefully it will be a future option. Until then, we have to make sure that our tier-1 team is always on top of their game.

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    George Mogilevsky

    you might be able to bypass that limitation with Zapier. if you set up a trigger in Zappier when a new ticket is added to view in zendesk which shows tickets that are older than ~20 minutes. you will have to create this view in zendesk first. then you fire a Zap that sends an email when a new ticket appears in this view.

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