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On Professional and Enterprise Support plans, Zendesk provides you with tools for filtering your business rules, giving you greater insight into how your automations, macros, triggers, and views are used.

Automations, macros, and triggers can be sorted based on the following criteria:

Views can be sorted by the dates they were created and updated (Sorted by creation date, latest first and Sorted by updated date, latest first).

Sorting shared macros and views

Shared views and shared macros can also be sorted by the groups to which they are available. For example, if you create macros that are only available to specific groups, you can sort them based on those availability settings.

Sorting macros by category

As described in Organizing and managing your macros, you can create up to three levels of categorization within your macro titles by using two colons to separate categories, as shown here:

You can then sort your macros using those categories.

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    How about a 'macro usage over the last 30 days' ? 7 days seems rather short period to look at usage, even a 14 day would be nice.

    And your not clear which 7 days its using. is it 604800 seconds back from the movement you click that? or the last full 7 calendar days (measuring from UTC midnight when your scripts run and calc stuff like tags)

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    On the first question... we will consider this for enhancement or for other metrics that we are considering introducing.

    For the second... we are using a standard analytics notation which means the last 7 complete calendar days (your latter suggestion).  I must say I was confused that such a precision-related question came from someone whose user name is Uberfuzzy ;-)  Have a good day.

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