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Note: If you created a Yammer target before May 6, 2015, an upgraded Yammer target that supports OAuth2 is now available in your account. Please go to your Yammer target configuration page under Settings > Extensions > Targets and click "Reauthorize with Yammer."

If your company uses Yammer, you can send notifications to your Yammer feed when Zendesk Support tickets are created or updated. The setup consists of the following steps:

  1. Add a target that points to Yammer
  2. Use the target in a trigger or automation

You can also display abbreviated notifications in the activity panel on the Home page of your Yammer users. For more information, see Displaying ticket activity in your Yammer Activity Stream.

Note: Setting up a Yammer target is not available on the Essential plan.

Add a target that points to Yammer

Targets are used in automations and triggers. For example, you can define a Notify target action in a trigger and select Yammer as the target. See Notifying external targets.

The first step is to add a Yammer target.

To add a target that points to Yammer:

  1. In Zendesk Support, click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Extensions under Settings.
  2. Click the Targets tab and then select Add target.
    Note: You may need to scroll to the right to see the link.
  3. Select the Yammer target from the list and click Sign In with Yammer.

    Once you complete the authentication process in Yammer, you'll be sent back to Zendesk Support.

  4. Enter the following values in the fields:
    • Title: Enter a name for your target. It'll appear in your triggers and automations.
    • Group ID: Optional. You can send notifications to a specific Yammer group.


  5. Click Submit with either Test Target or Create Target selected.

    After creating the target, the new target appears in the Targets tab in Zendesk Support.

Using the target in an automation or trigger

After adding a target that points to Yammer, you can use it in automations and triggers with the Notify target action. Here's an example of a trigger that notifies the company's Yammer feed every time an urgent ticket is solved:

Because you're interacting with an external target, there may be a delay between when the trigger or automation runs and when you'll see the results in the Yammer feed.

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