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    Is this attribute available in Gooddata? I cannot find it there?

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    Arno Lindroos

    It would be nice if Zendesk would identify the Received at address also when ticket sender uses CC or BCC field. Sometimes this happens and it would be seem logical to still identify the address to which the request was sent regardless of the use of CC or BCC field.

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    Arno Lindroos

    Correction on my comment: Based on the information from Zendesk, we thought that CC would not work, but it actually identifies the received at address correctly. It is only the BCC case, where the received at address is not identified.

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    I don't quite get this.

    I have added company gmail account to Settings - Email - Support addresses.

    Lets say that there is address, that email address has alias

    How I can create a trigger which could understand that do something to tickets which are received from this

    Because this "received at" doesn't understand aliases - it only sees that original gmail address.

    I can't add that to Support addresses - Zendesk says: "This address is already used by...".

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    Is this trigger condition still available? I don't see it as an option.

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    Arno Lindroos

    @Tapio, do you mean that you have a user with that address and therefore you cannot add the email address as service address? In this case just remove the user, or change the address for the user to, so you can add the address as a service address.

    @Help, at least I have defined triggers based on that condition recently and it is available in our Zendesk at the moment. Just tried.

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    Jonathan March (Edited )


    > The external email domain must be set up as described in Using an external email domain or the condition won't work.

    >  if you make a change to one of those rules in the future, you'll need to update the value of the Ticket Received At condition to include the rest of your email address (

    I've just noticed that the requirement to explicitly set up an email address now applies to zendesk email addresses as well ( This was not true in the past, and I think not even true several months ago.

    An existing condition of this form will continue working, but before the trigger can be changed in any way, such an address must be added explicitly to the helpdesk's email channel. 

    Or at least that was my experience just now.

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    Jonathan March

    Hi Charles, thanks for updating the article just now. FWIW, I don't think that the text yet captures the observation that I'm making in my previous comment (which I just edited to be more precise). Specifically, it's not just that a zendesk address has to include the entire address; it's also that even a zendesk address must be set up in Channels => Email before changes to the trigger can be saved.

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    Darren Shaw

    Is this option still available because I don't see it as an option in the the trigger drop down?



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