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    Is this attribute available in Gooddata? I cannot find it there?

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    Arno Lindroos

    It would be nice if Zendesk would identify the Received at address also when ticket sender uses CC or BCC field. Sometimes this happens and it would be seem logical to still identify the address to which the request was sent regardless of the use of CC or BCC field.

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    Arno Lindroos

    Correction on my comment: Based on the information from Zendesk, we thought that CC would not work, but it actually identifies the received at address correctly. It is only the BCC case, where the received at address is not identified.

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    I don't quite get this.

    I have added company gmail account to Settings - Email - Support addresses.

    Lets say that there is address, that email address has alias

    How I can create a trigger which could understand that do something to tickets which are received from this

    Because this "received at" doesn't understand aliases - it only sees that original gmail address.

    I can't add that to Support addresses - Zendesk says: "This address is already used by...".

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