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    Bernardo Morais

    So... If I have the essential plan, I can't even disable de default trigger?

    One year later you are able to edit the trigger in essential plan, now it's blocked. What a poor strategy of Zendesk.

    Geting out of Zendesk right now.

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    Christopher Walker (Edited )

    This is a very strong reason for me not to use Zendesk. My other agents do not want to be bombarded with erroneous emails every time ANY ticket is submitted. If this can't be changed on the Essential plan, I will be looking at alternatives.

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    John Bazyk

    Can we edit the text for auto reply emails in essential? 

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    Suzie Baunsgard

    Can I set triggers when an article is created with a certain label?

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    Jiju Mathew

    Triggers do not run or fire on tickets after they are closed. However, triggers can fire when a ticket is being set to closed

    What does it mean "set to closed"? 

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    Suhas Thakral

    what is the maximum number of conditions(ANY/ALL) we can have for a trigger??

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