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  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator



    >, if our agent solves the ticket on Oct. 22, and the automation of satisfaction survey we set is 72 hours since solved, normally the survey should be sent on Oct. 25. Correct

    > if the customer replies and the ticket is reopened on Oct. 24, the survey will not be sent on Oct. 25. Correct

    > if our agent replies to the customer again on Oct. 26, solves the ticket, and no reply from the customer after that, the survey should be sent on Oct. 29. Correct.

    Once solved, you can control the timing of the satisfaction survey and the timing of when the ticket moves to a closed status, subject to a 28 day limit.

    Hope that helps.



  • bo_zhang

    @Graeme Carmichael

    Much appreciate your timely response.

    At least I am clear about the logic now.

  • Zak Wilkowski


    I have added the functionality for customers to be able to rate tickets following the below: 

    1. In Support, Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then click Settings > Customers.
    2. On the Satisfaction tab of the End-users (customers) page, click Allow customers to rate tickets.

    However, I now cannot see the automation. Do I need to add this manually? 

  • bo_zhang

    Graeme Carmichael

    Hi Graeme, 

    I have another concern now. 

    1. What I understand from your articles is as long as a ticket is closed, the survey sent before it is closed cannot be participated by a customer, right?

    2. The background is if my team solves customer's concerns very quickly, I hope the ticket could be closed asap. so my automation is as below:

    The automation I set is a survey will be sent after 72 hours since it is solved, and it will be closed after 96 hours since it is solved, does it mean customer will only have 24 hours to participate the survey?

    If a survey is sent before a ticket is closed, why we cannot give more time to customer to participate it even if the ticket is closed? 

    Please understand that, if we have solved customer's problems, we don't want to leave a ticket unclosed for a long time, just to wait for customer's participation to the survey.

    So do you have any other options to meet my demand?

    Thanks ahead.



  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    1 That is correct. Regardless of when the survey was sent, the customer cannot rate the ticket once it becomes closed.

    2. Yes the customer will only have 24 hours to participate in the survey. You would have to increase the duration to the close date to resolve this should you want to give more time for the customer to respond.

    The closed status indicates that the ticket can no longer be changed, That is its purpose. That includes the customer satisfaction rating.

    Hope that helps.


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    There certainly used to be a systems generated automation created for satisfaction- called 'Request customer satisfaction rating (System Automation)'. You can then refine this version to your own needs.

    Check under Settings>Business Rules>Automation

    Check under both the active and inactive tabs.

    If it is not there, just create manually using the screenshots in the article. 

  • bo_zhang

    Graeme Carmichael Thanks for your clarification.

    However, do you think it is reasonable? Just like what I said, "Please understand that, if we have solved customer's problems, we don't want to leave a ticket unclosed for a long time, just to wait for customer's participation to the survey."

    If I leave the ticket unclosed for a long time, the customer has a new inquiry about a totally different question and different product, then he still replies to the ticket, for us, the ticket is reopened again, which is unhelpful for us to use the data to do the relevant analysis.

    Actually, I think you should disable the feature of allowing a customer to change his/her rating, for the first rating is most convective. Even if it is bad, at least we can analyze why the customer gives a bad rating. Instead, you should enable the feature of allowing customers to rate even if a ticket is closed, for customers may not be able to participate it timely and we cannot keep a ticket unclosed to wait for the customer's rating. 


  • Customer Thermometer

    Hello there!

    I’m writing from the Customer Thermometer team! We offer customisable, 1-click CSAT surveys that can be embedded directly within your support tickets enabling your customers to provide their rating and comments instantly as part of their response. We have a fab integration with the Zendesk platform which lets you embed your chose survey question and feedback buttons at any point throughout the ticket thread (on each response or just on ticket closure based on your preference).

    Our surveys can be clicked at any point, not limited to the ticket being open so this could be a good option for you if you are looking for a little more flexibility. The integration takes around 30 minutes to set up (based on your customisation preferences) so I would recommend testing it out if you’re tempted!  

    You can find out more about our offering in the following article:

    You can test the integration for free here:

    If you’d like to book a demo or send in questions, you can do so by getting in touch with us


    Kind regards,


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Yes, I totally understand and of course that is reasonable.

    The ability to edit closed tickets in a restricted way is a common request- especially for things like tags.

    All I can suggest is creating a feedback article and hopefully other customers will give you support.

  • Blagoy Dzhiganski

    I've noticed that the customers can change their feedback, by opening the email and doing that. However, while the new feedback is reflected in the ticket, the custom satisfaction % in reporting remains the same, meaning that an agent might have no bad ratings after the change, yet their % is still less than 100%. Is that a bug or is it supposed to work like that?

  • Ash - Aqua Gardening

    Hey Guys, was this feature previously available on the Team plan?

    I'm fairly sure we have been on Team plan this whole time and now this feature is not available to me?
    I have hundreds of tickets with feedback from customers and now its not available.

    I have heaps of chats with Zendesk help with me asking for help with other things and them advising I need to upgrade plans for other additional feautres and am only on the team plan, all while receiving feedback CSAT on all tickets throughout this period.

    It stopped working mid October for me, please advise.

  • Nguyễn Hiếu Hiền


    I saw in the event that Satisfaction offered when my ticket was closed but I haven't input customers' email yet.

    Will CSAT be sent if I re-open the ticket and add customers' email then solve ticket as normal?



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