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  • Andrew Evans

    I'm getting a lot of survey responses about our product versus how the support agent actually handled the interaction. Is there a good way to split that feedback out? Like a first box that says something like "How would you rate the PeopleMatter product that you called about today?" and THEN the "How would you rate the person that helped you in Support?"



  • Lorin Rivers

    As an agent, I would love to be notified when a customer submits a satisfaction rating.

    As an admin, I’d love to be able to remove a bogus satisfaction rating—for example, when a customer of our customers doesn’t like the support they got from our customer, nothing I can do to make it better.

  • Bill Cicchetti

    Is there any way to embed the fields that are in the pop-up webpage when you click on the "Good Im satisfied" and "Bad..." in the email so the user doesnt have to deal with another webpage.


    I know from personal experience when I get links like those that are being sent in the surveys,click on an option , and get presented with another webpage I feel like Ive been tricked into providing a simple "yes" "no" to additional info. Even if I don't want to add anything I still have to close out the webpage.  I then avoid that email from that ;point on.


    Id rather have the user the option to add the comments and reason for bad experience in the email if possible

  • Gregory Christen

    @Heather Great idea. Thank you so much! 

  • Maggie St. Clair

    Thanks, Greg! That got us what we needed. 

  • Angus Chan

    Hi Zendesk team,

    We are not setting up the satisfaction scroll and we found that the page opened by temporary link does not have the same look-and-feel of our current HelpCenter. Is there any way to change how the page looks like?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Welcome to the Community, support!

    That's odd - I don't know why the automation wouldn't have gotten created. It's easily remedied, though! You can create the automation yourself using these guidelines from this article and you'll be good to go!

  • Zach

    Hi Chris


    I believe what you are describing is what we do. So when we set a ticket to Solved, we have a trigger run that includes our response to the requester AND the link for the satisfaction survey. Below is what the output of my previous comment showed. The Requester only gets one email when we solve a request this way.

  • support

    We've enabled customer satisfaction ratings on our account, but the automation was not created, hence the customers are not getting an email to submit their rating. 
    What can we do to enable to automation?

  • Rebecca

    Hi Angus!

    I wish i had better news, however the Satisfaction Rating landing page end users are directed to when selecting the rating link is separate from Help Center and therefore not editable or impacted by your Help Center's theme and appearance.

    Our Product team however is in the process of improving the look and responsive of the satisfaction rating page and there should hopefully be noticeable improvements soon!  

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Tiffany,

    You can certainly set up different automations/triggers with the desired conditions and have that send out a satisfaction survey using the satisfaction.rating_section placeholder.

    The above placeholder is what sends out the satisfaction survey to the requester of the ticket. So as long as you include this placeholder in your ticket update the survey will be sent.

    Additionally, you can set up macros that will leave a public comment on the ticket which can also include the satisfaction placeholder.

    Let me know if you have any other questions :)

  • Greg Johnson

    @Maggie St Clair, take a look at Automatons for making a rule that would notify on bad surveys.   

  • Zach

    Hi Chris

    That is how we do it in our Zendesk. Below is the one we send out. You just have to make sure you don't also have the automation on that sends one to them, or they'll essentially get it twice.


    We saw use of satisfaction ratings go up 30% after including it in our Solved ticket trigger

    See comments below. Your request ({{}}) has been completed.


    To review, comment and reopen the request, follow the link below, or simply reply this this email:

  • Heather R

    Hi @Gregory,

    We usually add a tag to the user account of those automated emails, this way the tag is inherited by any of the tickets created with them as the requester.

    Then, we updated the applicable triggers and automations to not fire off when that tag is present.  Including CSATs!

    Hope that helps....

  • Wilfred Hoogendoorn

    Hi guys,

    Maybe the answer is given already, but i have a lot of costumers who say that the link doesn't work. We are currently working with the URL shortcode. {{satisfaction.rating_url}}

    A great amount of users reports that the satisfaction link doesn't work. Is there any other way to get feedback with comments within the e-mail template? 

  • Tiffany Miller

    Thank you Brett!

    Is there any benefit to using macros versus triggers? I originally created a trigger, but am wondering if I should use a macro instead? I guess the macro will keep it all in one ticket versus sending out separate CSAT emails?

  • Heather R

    Hi @Bas,

    I'm not sure where it's posted but I just took a screenshot during a chat. It doesn't pop up at the end, it's at the top unless the agent "pushes" a rating request during the chat.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Wilfred! 

    The first thing that springs to mind here is that you probably have a trigger set up to close the ticket at the same time that the survey is sent out. Once the ticket is closed, a satisfaction rating can't be registered so the link won't work.

    Can you confirm whether this is the case in your setup?

  • Angus Chan

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for getting back and I hope the function will be available soon. I found the satisfaction rating page of does look similar to that of your own HC so I believe you are already working on this :)

  • Customer Thermometer

    Hi @Tiffany,

    You can check us out on the Zendesk AppStore, but we provide a solution that will let you embed one-click feedback buttons directly into any of your ZD Triggers or Automations. This means you could embed our buttons into your ‘Notify requester of comment update’ trigger, enabling you to check how the user is doing throughout their experience, without sending them any additional emails.

    The great thing is that you can even choose to have the feedback automatically written back to the Zendesk ticket, where it will appear as an internal comment.

    Given the question in your post about seeking feedback throughout the user’s experience, we thought you might find this is a useful solution.

    We have many customers using Customer Thermometer this way within their Zendesk accounts - you can read about it here if you’d like more details, but please reach out to us if you have any questions.

    I hope that helps.

    Best wishes,

    The Customer Thermometer Team

  • Deep S.

    We have set up a daily reporting on the CSAT Score and respondents. I have observed that the respondents to CSAT on a particular day change with days. Increase in respondents is understandable, under what cases do the respondents decrease?

  • Graeme Carmichael


    Yes, you can turn off the satisfaction survey for specific customers. Tag the customers that are not to receive the survey- for example 'no_satisfaction_survey'. Then add a condition to your satisfaction automation. 

    • Ticket Tags: Contains None of the Following:no_satisfaction_survey

    You may find it easier to add a custom user check box 'Opt Out of Satisfaction Surveys' and check for that field in your automation's conditions.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Deep -

    Yes, users can change their CSAT rating. Customers can access their recently solved tickets change the rating, which sometimes happens if you've gone back and successfully resolved the issue, if they accidentally clicked the wrong rating, etc.

    You can find more information in these articles:

    Changing bad satisfaction ratings to good

    How can end-users change their satisfaction rating

    I'm still looking into what might effect the numbers of respondents. For a user to change their rating, they have to select the other, i.e. change from "bad" to "good." There's no null value or way to simply remove the response.

  • Satyam Kumar Upadhyay

    I am on the professional edition and I am able to send different CSAT surveys for the diffrent organisation but in every case, temporary URL mentions the name of the registered parent organisation. 

    Is there any way it can be masked or changed?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hrm, I think you may be right. It looks like you can change the buttons in the email (you can even make them smiley faces) but it does not look like the landing page is customizable as of yet. 

    That being said, word around the Zendesk street is that CSAT landing page customizations are being considered by Product and there may be a beta out to test that soon. I'll keep you posted on that, for sure! 

  • Quentin


    When I open the survey on mobile it doesn't look very mobile friendly, is there a way to fix this?


  • Սմբատ Պետրոսյան

    The article says that

    The view (Rated tickets from the last 7 days) gives you a quick overview of the rating activity, with a Satisfaction column containing both Good and Bad ratings. You can clone and modify this view or create your own. This view is inactivate by default.

    1. The view is actually active once it's created (after enabling customer satisfaction ratings)

    2. Seems there is something wrong with the usage of word "inactivate" in terms of English grammer.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Dan! Welcome to the Community!

    I'm not sure whether you can sent a CSAT survey via a channel other than email...which channel(s) are your customer using? That'll help me know who to ask about it. :)

  • Heather R

    Hi Darren,

    I would either do what @Zach says above and include the CSAT request in your solved ticket email.


    Add an automation that adds a tag like "send_csat" after 2 business hours (change that as you see fit) and then update your CSAT trigger to include an ALL condition that looks for tickets WITH the "send_csat" tag. Then you have a delay built in.

    I hope that helps!

  • Heather R

    @Darren, awesome
    I think the set up is that CSAT fires as a separate trigger so the customer gets the normal solved email plus the CSAT request email. Until it’s customized, the customer gets 2 emails.
    Glad you were able to figure it out!


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