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    Yoav Brog


    I'm not the account owner, though I am an admin and I receive these emails.
    I'd still like to receive them, and I'd also like an additional colleague of mine to receive them. So if I set her as an admin will she get these as well?


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    Hey Yoav!

    The emails are delivered to all admins. So if you upgrade another agent to an Admin status, they should also get these emails!

    Have a great day!

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    If only these monthly usage emails did not include deleted/archived tickets. We had internal users submitting tickets for testing and on behalf of a customer to push to JIRA for prod + dev teams so "first (public) replies" were not used and impacted that metric significantly. We cleaned up the data and deleted those test tickets and others but those are still being captured in your monthly usage emails.

    When will you guys update your "native" reporting to only measure the tickets and ticket activity in our accounts? We created separate custom Insights reports for email distribution but they are ugly and not nearly as nice as the automated monthly usage emails. 

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    Is this still a thing? 

    I haven't received one in a few months.




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    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Emma, 

    Yes, the monthly usage email still goes out. You can submit a ticket to our support team so we can look into why you haven't received your report and resend it if necessary.


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