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Insights is an analytics offering with more data and best-practice dashboards to help you make more sense of your data. With Insights you can understand your customer service operations, gain greater context, and turn findings into actions.

This topic contains resources for Insights, including documentation, community tips and questions, and fee-based training.

For Insights recipes, check out the Insights recipes reference.

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    Awesome! I'm glad you were able to get it sorted out. :)
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    I dont understand if insight cost extra or not when you have professional

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    Hi Kevin! Can you show me a screenshot of where you're looking? I need a little context to answer your question...
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    Hi, I'm kevin hunter at genologics, and I'm in Insights, but also don't see the My Dashboard option; is that an authority/config issue on our end? I see a previous post with this problem above, but it's not clear what the resolution was - did you tweak their account?
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    Hey Lena!

    Insights is included on the Professional plan and higher. You can compare all our plan features on Pricing page

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    Hi Kevin, Looks like Laura D. also gave a response about this above... 


    Hi Bob, Sorry for the confusion about this, your Insights project is set up properly. The "My Dashboard" dashboard is a blank canvas that was meant to help accounts that don't have customized dashboards and would otherwise only have the built-in view only dashboard. If you really want you can create one, but otherwise your okay. Sorry we didn't catch that it isn't being added for all accounts, I've let the team know!
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    Hi Jessie, thanks for getting back to me. I did find another route through to creating my own dashboard (through Good Data) and I think I have what I need for now, but thank you for checking in! At the far right of Insights we had a Good Data link which took us to a new tab, where I was able to use the gear icon to change an existing dashboard, and then save it with a new name... so all good now. Kevin

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