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You must be an agent to use Insights, and you must enable Insights for yourself. Agents cannot be added to Insights by an admin or another agent.

Note: An admin must enable Insights before you can enable it for yourself. For more information, see Setting up Insights for your Zendesk.

Agents have full access to edit and customize reports and dashboards in Insights. Enterprise Light agents are limited to viewing access. Enterprise agents in custom roles have different levels of access depending on their custom role. For more information, see Understanding and restricting user permissions in Insights.

For a list of resources see Insights resources.

To enable Insights for yourself
  1. Click the Reporting icon () in the sidebar, then click the Insights tab.
  2. Click Get Started.

    If you see the Take a tour button instead of the Get Started button, your admin has not enabled Insights yet.

    Insights automatically loads in Zendesk Support. For information about using Insights, see Opening Insights and getting around.

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