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  • David M Cardoso

    Hello there folks, 

    Hope to get some little hand. Well, I've been trying to figure out SLA Metric Status, however I am struggling to comprehend its status...

    So I would appreciate if anyone could tell me if I am on the right way and correct me if not...

    - Achieved: SLA target answered before it breaches.

    - Breached (Active): SLA target already breached and Ticket Status < Solved

    - Breached (Fulfilled): SLA target already breached and Ticket Status >= Solved

    - Active: Couldn't figure it out! :/



  • Ronnel Grimpula


    Good day!

    I'm looking a way to get the occupancy rate via zendesk using the objects in this post.

    Occupancy rate- is the % from the valid activities over the required work duration.

    Ex: (Total Talk time + Total wrap up + Total on hold + time used for another task/s aside from call) / (Total Talk time + Total wrap up + Total on hold + time used for another task/s aside from call + total avail)


    i used:

     -Call Hold Time

    -Call Leg Duration

    -Call Leg Wrap up time

    -Call Leg talk time

    The result are confusing and totally not making sense to me. Probably because i don't know exactly what those objects that are needed to get the correct output.

    Anyone here willing to help please? Thank you very much in advance.


  • Ricky Davis

    Hello, Ronnel!

    Great question on these Insights objects!

    Sadly, Zendesk does not track agent schedules or availability time, and all of the Talk information comes from call data.

    We can calculate Total Talk time + Total wrap up + Total on hold etc, but there would not be any way for Insights to calculate data that is specific to the agent's availability or time spent outside of the call. 

    You may find interest in this third party app called Tymeshift which does account for agent schedules and availability.

    Additionally, I feel like this would be good to point out to our developers in our Product Feedback forums as a feature that you would like to see in the future!


  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Hi, just to confirm: there is no attribute of fact regarding Chat that tells me the URL associated to a chat ID, right?

    The only way we have to identify this source right now is with triggers that read the URL in the internal notes.

    Also, when a chat ticket has an empty URL value (and it's not sent via SDK), what does that mean, exactly?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Pedro,

    You are correct and there's no attribute that will show the Chat URL within Insights. As you mentioned the triggers are your best option here.

    As for the empty URL value, do you know if you previously switched to the Chat pop-out option for mobile browsers within your Chat dashboard?

    You can find this option under Settings>Widget>Appearance.

    Let me know!


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