Using pre-built reports in Insights (Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Adrian Stefan

    How do you get the drill-in report to automatically appear as a table if the parent report is a bar graph?

  • Arthur Mori

    Hi Adrian,

    I just confirmed with our friends at Gooddata. Unfortunately, the drill in report will always take the visualization of the parent report. The only way to make this into a table, is by selecting the table icon on the top-right when you actually drill- down on the report.

    For more information about drill downs please see here:

  • Karyn Tooke
    I would like to sense check the data held in Insights - View only > Tickets > Ticket activity year over year. When saving the chart as a table the 'Tickets Solved This Year' metric is blank - the table also shows ticket ID. Also, when hovering above the metrics in the chart the results dont change - the line chart only shows one metric instead of 3, is that an error?
  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Community Team
    Hey Karyn! That report pulls on the month as a whole - so data for January 2016, for example, won't be included until the end of January. I'm not seeing a Ticket ID attribute in the report, in either line chart or table view. If you're still seeing this, could you open a ticket with Support to take a closer look?
  • Karyn Tooke
    Hi - That makes sense now thanks :-)

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