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    Alberto Aznar César (Edited )


    I created a dropdown ticket field, with a few values, like the default field "type".

    I need to create a report about how many tickets are solved on this values. 

    For example, how many tickets are solved on "incident", how many on "question"... but with my own values.

    How I can do this? I need help.


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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Alberto!

    Once solved tickets exist with values in that field, that data will automatically sync over to Insights and you can create a report with it. You can find more detailed information on how to do this here: Reporting on custom fields in Insights (Professional and Enterprise).


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    I have created a dashboard I want to share with everyone in a Microsoft group but when I embed the link supplied, it asks for a Zendesk Analytics sign-in. My intention is to share the dashboard in that group without them having to do this login. Can you help please?


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    Heather R

    The way I understand it, you have to be an Agent or Light Agent on Zendesk AND have activated the Insights page AND sign in to see the reports....

    I get around this by sending as a pdf via email (I'm on Enterprise, not sure if that makes a difference) with pdf to the interested parties.

    I hope that helps!

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    Not really but thanks anyways.

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    We got really excited about the ability to embed dashboards into a webpage, but it's absolutely pointless if it can only be accessed behind a login for agents.  It would be a great tool to share and "toot our own horns" so that our actual stats are visible to our end users/coworkers/non-it superiors.  Why the login? Folks get enough emails as it is.  Email reports is not ideal. 

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