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    Alberto Aznar César (Edited )


    I created a dropdown ticket field, with a few values, like the default field "type".

    I need to create a report about how many tickets are solved on this values. 

    For example, how many tickets are solved on "incident", how many on "question"... but with my own values.

    How I can do this? I need help.


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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Alberto!

    Once solved tickets exist with values in that field, that data will automatically sync over to Insights and you can create a report with it. You can find more detailed information on how to do this here: Reporting on custom fields in Insights (Professional and Enterprise).


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    I have created a dashboard I want to share with everyone in a Microsoft group but when I embed the link supplied, it asks for a Zendesk Analytics sign-in. My intention is to share the dashboard in that group without them having to do this login. Can you help please?


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    Heather R

    The way I understand it, you have to be an Agent or Light Agent on Zendesk AND have activated the Insights page AND sign in to see the reports....

    I get around this by sending as a pdf via email (I'm on Enterprise, not sure if that makes a difference) with pdf to the interested parties.

    I hope that helps!

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    Not really but thanks anyways.

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    We got really excited about the ability to embed dashboards into a webpage, but it's absolutely pointless if it can only be accessed behind a login for agents.  It would be a great tool to share and "toot our own horns" so that our actual stats are visible to our end users/coworkers/non-it superiors.  Why the login? Folks get enough emails as it is.  Email reports is not ideal. 

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    Leigh Cohen

    I am creating a dashboard(s) for a multi-brand instance. I would like each brand to have the same dashboard. I have been creating the same report twice and then adding the relevant reports to the relevant dashboards. Is it possible for me to create one dashboad and then use a filter by brand? If so, when I choose "Ticket Brand" as the filter option, I see two options but they are numbers, not the names of the brands. Any suggestions?




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    Graeme Carmichael


    I would suggest that you want to avoid repeating yourself with multiple dashboards and the filter option is the best way to go. This should be possible.

    It sounds like you are looking at the internal number for the brand. When you apply the filter, ensure that the label is is set to 'Ticket Brand Name'.

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    Paul Lell

    Okay, so can I create a dashboard with multiple tabs, and have a filter affect one tab and none of the others on the dashboard?

    I'm trying to create a multi-tab dashboard with one unfiltered, high level tab, one drop-down-filterable drill down tab, and a series of tabs with static filters on them (specifically, by Org Name).

    At present, every time I try to add a filter, it filters every tab that has that same filter on it the same way. So, if I put an Org Name drop-down on my second tab, any org names I add/remove from that filter effect all of my other tabs with that same drop-down filter on them. But leaving that drop-down off, leaves the tab unfiltered. 

    Is there a way to filter three tabs to one different org name each?

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