Using the Conditional Fields app (Professional Add-on and Enterprise)

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  • Mindaugas Verkys

    @Jade you need refresh a browser to take an effect. 

  • Nivea Tejada

    @Jade Laird It seems that your ticket fields are marked as required. You need to go into the ticket field and make them unrequired. 

  • Brad Rhodes

    If we configure conditional fields for a form, and then later determine we don't want the conditional config, how we do we remove the changes to the header code, short of manually trying to determine which references to delete?


    So I've:

    - removed the conditional config for agents

    - remove the conditional config for end-users



    However the header still has it's code, referencing that ticket form and fields. Which means that when visiting the page page in the end user view, some fields simply never display.


    How do we get a chunk of reset code without references for that form, short of manually creating it ourselves?

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Brad!

    You'll need to follow the same instructions you did when you added the header code, to get into your Guide theme editor. Then just delete that code block and save the changes. That'll get you taken care of!

  • Brad Rhodes

    Hey Jessie - thanks for your response. The problem is that code block has other elements for other forms and fields that I don't want to remove. I'm getting the impression that whats missing from the conditional fields gui is a button to generate the "current version" of the conditional fields code without the removed elements. Once you strip all conditional elements from a form, the "save and generate code" button does not reappear.

    Maybe if I visit the config menu for a different form that still has conditional elements and request the code block again, it should have the updated code. I'll try that...

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Brad,

    I'm don't think I quite understand the issue that you're running into here. You've removed a conditional field, but you're not able to regenerate the header code to exclude the deleted field? Can you give me more detailed reproduction steps?

  • Brad Rhodes

    Hey Jessie I figured it out on my own, though I am of the opinion the app should be updated to make this more user friendly.


    Steps to reproduce:

    - create a form

    - create fields A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 on form.

    - Set up conditional fields dependencies so that 1 requires A, 2 requires B, 3 requires C.

    - Implement fully including Header code.

    - Decide this setup isn't working for you, and that you will remove A and B, and replace them with a single field called Alpha. You still want 1 and 2 on the form and not conditionally.

    - Remove A and B, add Alpha.

    - At this point, 1 and 2 will never appear, as the header code requires A and B, neither of which are on the form anymore.

    - Going into conditional fields configuration will allow you to strip the conditional fields config out... but this doesn't do anything about the now-invalid header code that is still in place.

    - If you conclude on your own at this point that the header code needs to be fixed, there is no user friendly way to do so directly. Deleting it entirely is not an option unless you don't use conditional fields anywhere else since that code block will include the code for other forms.

    - The solution as it stands, is to visit the conditional field config for a different form that uses it, and click the "Save and generate rules for Help Center" button, WITHOUT making any changes. Or do make changes if you need them? But changes aren't necessary.

    - This will generate your "current" conditional fields code that does not include the config for your updated form (i.e. dependencies on A and B) which will allow that form to work properly once more.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Thanks for the feedback on that functionality, Brad, I'm glad you got it figured out!

  • Mindaugas Verkys

    There is another issue. Add few conditions>Deactivate one of the fields or remove from the form>All other conditions going to be lost too.

  • Michael

    So we have been having issues getting this off the ground and working. We have contacted Zendesk support a few times in past week to try and get this working before our trial ends but have not heard back. Hoping we get a chance to figure this out before our trial ends. 

  • Joshua Hipolito

    Hi Michael I hope you're doing well! In regards to your concern, I will be creating a separate ticket for you so that we can discuss this further.

  • Brian Kopacz

    Looking for some insight here.

    I am trying to create a simple Category >> Subcategory workflow.  Based on the current logic of the utility I fee like I need one more layer.


    Category >>>  Admin > Product

    Subcategory >>> Login Issues > Deliveries

    Admin should tie to Login Issues, and Product should tie to Deliveries.

    In the setup, I choose Category as the top line.  Then it asks for a field.  I choose Admin.Upon choosing Admin, I then choose Subcategory in the 3rd column.  

    The problem is I cannot then choose the specific field in Subcategory.  I can only choose Subcategory.

    Can I not drill into the logic one more layer such that ultimately I have only two fields.

    Category and Subcategory.

    When I choose Category - Admin, then show Subcategory with only the value "Login Issues".

    Otherwise I feel like I need to create multiple Subcategory fields and point each Category value to it's respective Subcategory.






  • Nick Dushack
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Brian, I'm going to pull this inquiry into ticket so we can discuss this setup further. Keep an eye out in your email for that ticket!

  • Tiffany Craig

    This might be an incredibly stupid question but support isn't being all that helpful and I'm on a deadline.

    I have a form I created that has fields ordered like this




    I created a conditional rule so 

    Menu options -> Choice -> List of fields

    I want the fields to be in a certain order



    But what's happening is they're ending up as



    I can't figure out how to get them in the right order after I apply the conditional rules. What am I missing?

  • Eric Norris

    Have you tried just moving them around in the Form? I try to group fields like that together for organization and listing.

  • Tiffany Craig

    That's the problem. In the form itself they're ordered the way they should be. I even have them named in alphabetical order:





    But they're still not appearing in that order after we apply the conditional rule and add the code to the header.

  • Eric Norris

    I think the next step is to clear out the code and start over. I know its a bit of a pain, but it might help.

  • Mindaugas Verkys

    Have you tried to hard refresh the browser?

  • Sergio Anarte


    Since latest version 1.5.7 was released (4 days ago) , we have experienced a problem. Every ticket form with conditional rules has always unsaved changes every time we load the ticket... I've tried hard refresh, cleaning cookies...same result. Any ideas? Thanks

    Btw, we do know the problem is highly related to Conditional Fields app.

  • Sergei

    Hi Sergio,

    I believe you are being looked after by one of our advocates. We are still investigating how multiple fields affect Conditional Field app. As soon as there are any news - you will hear from us.

    All the best!

  • Felix


    Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find how to build a report with these conditional fields in Insights, would anyone have some guidance here? 

    Secondly, I do not know what that talk is about copy pasting this code - I do not even have the option in "professional" to see a code. 

    Thanks and have a lovely day. 



  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    The options for selecting conditions are very limited. 

    The only option is > If [field] is a single [option] show a single [conditional field]

    This becomes hugely painful when the field has a large number of options, and also if you have a set of fields you are wanting to show.

    Eg. I want to show 2 fields if any one of 10 out of 25 options are used... that requires 20 rules.

    For this app to mature it needs to offer some further options to make it more useable

    • If [field] is [select multiple options] show [one or more fields]
    • If [field] is NOT [select single or multiple options] show [field/s]


    • If [field] is [select single or multiple options] hide [field/s]
  • Jacob Wolff

    Hello all, 

    I just had a quick question. Does the Conditional App work in the Sandbox mode because currently no matter what I choose in terms of trying to make fields conditional, every form displays every field that I have in my list to the end user. I was curious if this is a problem with me designing this all in the Sandbox mode or if Im just doing something incorrect.


  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Hopefully someone can confirm whether this is possible or not: I create 3 forms for each of my 3 brands.

    Then I create a single drop-down field that will apply to ALL brands, but whose values I'd like to be shown conditionally:

    • Segment 1 :: Product A » show only if Form1, Form2, Form2
    • Segment 1 :: Product B » show only if Form2, Form3
    • Segment 2 :: Product C » show only if Form1, Form2, Form3
    • Segment 2 :: Product D » show only if Form2
    • Segment 3 :: Product E » show only if Form3
    • Segment 3 :: Product F » show only if Form1, Form3

    Is it possible to configure field value visibility at all? I'm guessing not but here's hoping...

  • Jera

    Hi Jacob,

    Conditional Field App should work in your Sandbox instance. Usually, this happens if the code inserted in the HTML of your Help Center is not updated. You can find the code in document_head.hbs template in Guide > Customize design icon > Edit code. I hope this helps!

  • Bart Brosens

    Hi there!

    In our organisation, we have a number of different agent groups.  Some groups requested we implement required fields to be filled in when they close a ticket.

    However, we don't want to force other groups to fill in those fields (as they have no use for them)

    Is there a way to only show those custom fields to specific agent groups AND to only make them required to those groups?

    (I know this worked a long time ago with the former ticketfieldmanager app, but i cannot seem to find it any longer in the marketplace...I guess it has been discontinued?)





  • Patrick Bosmans
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Pedro,

    Unfortunately, the workflow you have lined out would not be possible with the Conditional Fields app.

    You might be able to use Javascript to hide the value options, but that type of custom html would be in the domain of an independent web developer and not Zendesk Support.

    The only other option I could think of would be to have a specific ticket field for each form that would not include the values unnecessary for that specific form.

  • Graham Robson

    Hi Pedro,

    You may like to check out CloudSET Conditionality which supports the concept of conditional values i.e. a parent field selection, display a subset of values of a child field. This is a better way than creating a series of custom fields that represent the subsets and using conditional field selection, specifically in respect to reporting, views, and conditions for business rules.

    In your case, you'd use a Form value as a driving field to select a subset of value in your product field.

    Thanks,  Graham (CloudSET)


  • Graham Robson

    Hi Bart,

    If you're looking to have conditionality depend on the current agent looking at the ticket, as opposed to the agent assigned the ticket, then you'd need, as a starter, our CloudSET Tailoring App. Amongst other things, it allows you to define custom CloudSET roles. These roles can then be associated with Zendesk Groups. 

    The CloudSET roles can then be used in CloudSET Conditionality, as a driving field to control the visibility of fields or field sub-sets.

    Since CloudSET Apps are integrated together, you'd not be able to use just CloudSET Tailoring on its own with Zendesk's Conditional Fields.

    This is an example of context-driven conditionality, as opposed to most regular conditionality that is ticket data driven. Of course, there can be occasions where both might apply, and we can cover that too with AND/OR logic on the driving fields.

    Thanks,  Graham (CloudSET)




  • Justin

    Why is my theme not saving when I paste the conditional fields code in the document head code? I am receiving this error: "Failed to save theme. We were unable to save your theme."


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