Using the Conditional Fields app (Professional Add-on and Enterprise)

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  • Nate Legakis

    What's a hard reset?  

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Nate - 

    My apologies, the developer support team corrected me - I should've said a "hard refresh." They sent over this article to explain how to do it. 


    how to show/hide dropdown option based on the another dropdown value with conditional app?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Suman! 

    Welcome to the Zendesk Community. 

    To make sure I understand what you're asking, you have two dropdowns, and you want the value that the person selects in dropdown A to determine which values show up in dropdown B, is that correct? 


  • Graham Robson

    Hi Suman,

    I sounds like what you are looking for is something we call Dependent Value Fields, where the value of a parent field controls the display of a subset of child field option values. This is particular good way to avoid creating separate fields for each set of option values, and using straight conditionality. A nightmare for reporting!

    Take a look at our CloudSET Conditionality App. See towards the end where a Platform field is being used to show different O/S values appropriate for the platform:

    This app is available from the Zendesk Paid App Marketplace. It's available on a FREE 30 Day trial.

    Graham (CloudSET)



  • Karen Stephen


    Does the conditional fields functionality work with multi-select drop downs?  I made 2 conditional fields and one (regular drop-down) worked perfectly, but the second one with the multi-select drop down didn't display properly.  It wouldn't show any of the items in the drop down, but it had the title of the field.

    I appreciate your help with this.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Karen! Sorry for the late response! I'm checking into this for you. Stand by!

  • Stephen Fusco

    Hello Karen, 

    Thanks for your question. I verified with our product team and unfortunately, it looks like the conditional fields app does not support multiselect fields. 

    If this feature is important to your workflow I would encourage you to add this to our Product feedback page. Our developers check this page to determine where they should allocate development resources to improve the product. In your request be sure to explain how this would positively impact your current workflow. The more they understand how making that change would directly help you and your team the more likely that request is to get more attention. 

    You can find the product feedback forum here: Product Feedback

  • Michael

    Hi all,

    Would anyone be able to summarize the difference between the Zendesk and Cloudset apps?

    At the moment it looks like they do roughly the same thing, but one is $6/agent/month and the other is $25 (would need the productivity pack).

    Is there a specific reason I would want to go with the native Zendesk app?

  • Graham Robson

    Hi Michael,

    I can have a stab at this ;-), and in fairness Zendesk's Enterprise/Productivity Pack covers three elements (1) Conditionality, (2) Forms, and (3) Pathfinder App, so they are not an exact match. Indeed, in regards to conditionality, CloudSET Conditionality covers the same basic conditional fields, but goes much further, including:

    • Dependent Value Fields - controls which values to expose within a drop-down fields
    • More than one controlling rules for fields, including AND/OR controlling conditions - e.g. grandparent/parent combinations
    • Mandatory/Required straight away or when solving
    • Conditionality fields for Organizations and Users
    • Conditional fields for CloudSET WaaS (equivalent to Zendesk Web Widget channel) 
    • Programmatic deployment of Help centre/Guide code i.e. not copy paste config code
    • Configuration testing simulator

    Zendesk include a specific capability to create and manage Forms, collections of fields. This can also be achieved using CloudSET Conditionality, although Zendesk's implementation exclusively supports field ordering per form.

    Zendesk also bundle the excellent Pathfinders App, which provides insights into which articles and searches were done prior to submitting a ticket. CloudSET have no equivalent functionality or plans to do so.

    Hope this helps.

    Graham (CloudSET)

  • Mindaugas Verkys

    With CloudSet you can set required fields in two ways: on update or when solving tickets, zd app you can set fields required only on update.

    With CloudSet you can set set fields with more than one condition, with ZD app only one time, for example if you set condition under groups you can't use it again in other places.

    With CloudSet you can set conditions regarding ticket status, with ZD app you cannot.

    With ClousSet you can set conditions for Users and organization fields, with ZD app you cannot. 


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for jumping in, Graham and Mindaugas. 

  • Michael

    Hi all,
    Thank you for the info. So it sounds like for a Professional account that doesn't have immediate need for the Forms or Pathfinders, CloudSet Conditionality is the pretty clear choice.

  • Candace Alexandres

    When you use conditional fields to make a field required for an agent, is the field required to be filled in on ticket creation or does the agent just have to fill in that field in order to solve the ticket? 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Candace -

    Apologies for the delayed response. This article is a good resource: 

    Required ticket fields and conditional fields 

    Basically, marking a ticket field as required within the Conditional Fields app itself ensures that the ticket field will only be required if the field is revealed through field choices. That being said, required conditional fields must be filled out when making any ticket submissions or updates. 

  • Eric Norris


    I have upgraded my Help Center recently, and see that now I am editing from a list of .hbs files instead of how it is shown on these instructions. Is it correct to put the code into the document_head.hbs now? If so, is there a restriction to how many field dependencies that can be generated for the web form? I am trying to get the Conditional Fields to work, but they don't seem to be.


  • Tomasz Miłek


    According to the thread between Jessie Schutz and Karen: is it possible to create conditionals, where the drop-down menu is displayed after selecting an option from the previous drop-down menu, like in a thee-structure?

    What I want to achieve is:

    (Available at the start) Question 1: Operating System? Android / Windows / Linux / MacOS
    (Answer): Windows

    (Then appear new drop-down menu): Windows OS version? Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
    (Answer): Windows 10

    (Then new drop-down menu appears): Windows 10 Build? 10.1 / 10.2 / 10/3
    (Answer): 10.2

    Etc etc.

    Is it possible to achieve this with Conditional Fields application?

  • Graham Robson

    Hi Tomasz,

    Yes - you can achieve what you have outlined with the Zendesk Conditional Fields, but you would have to create custom field variants for the O/S versions and O/S builds. The user experience would be fine, but from a data perspective it could give you headaches e.g. reporting.

    A more sophisticated way is to use what we often call ' dependant value fields' whereby you define a super set of O/S Types and O/S Values. Selecting the O/S Types displays only those applicable values in the drop-down field. In this way you only need three fields, making it much easier to manage and report on.

    Take a look at our CloudSET Conditionality App

    This app is available from the Zendesk Paid App Marketplace. It's available on a FREE 30 Day trial.

    Graham (CloudSET)




  • Edward Hughes

    (I just learned that, as of today, Conditional Fields does not support multi-select fields, which is why none of my conditional fields worked for the Agent view after I added a multi-select field to my Conditional Fields - Deleting original request for clarification)


  • Josh Rosenthal

    Hey Edward,

    It sounds like you found your answer, but just confirming for everyone that unfortunately Multiselect fields aren't available for Conditional Fields or Insights at this time.

  • Elizabeth Toy

    A question regarding the end user interface. Has anybody dealt with what the conditional fields do on the request page in the Help Center? It (understandably) shows all fields, but is a bit unsightly. See the screenshot for an example.

    For now, I commented out this part of the

    {{#each custom_fields}}

    But maybe someone has solved this and has a suggestion on how to show only the filled in custom fields?

  • Mike Moschovas

    Hi Elizabeth,


    I added something like this to the JS to loop through and check these values, thus removing any "empty" (-) values.

    $(document).ready(function() {


    Hope this helps!


  • Saranya Sarika


    I have an issue while designing the request form using conditional fields app. I realized in the Conditional Fields app, I am able to only set up to two levels of conditions or am I going about it wrong? So I set Categories and Sub Categories but I am unable to go further. 

    What I need is

    A user selects what CATEGORY they belong to from a drop down, then they will pick a sub category of what TOPIC their issue belongs to and then based on that we want to show another level of dropdown where they select a particular ISSUE and then another set of 'Text' conditional fields asking users for specific INFO with regards to their issue.

    Is there a way to go about this?

    - Saranya

  • Eric Norris

    Would it be possible to set it up so the CATEGORY and TOPIC as one field, then use the Conditional Fields app to reveal the appropriate INFO fields off of that? So, in the Issue field, the options would look like
    CAT2::TOPIC4, etc.
    Then in the Conditional Fields app, choose fields for each topic
    TOPIC1>Field1, Field2
    TOPIC2>Field1, Field3
    TOPIC3>Field4, Filed5, etc
    Would that work for how you are trying to set up your ticket form?

  • Saranya Sarika

    Hey Eric,

    Thanks for your response. even if that would work, we still need another level down.


    Product - Postpaid (from list of products)

    Issue - Payments (From a list of Issues)

    Payment Specific issue - Why am I over charged?  (from a list of payment related issues)

    Need addl info -  Phone number, Device, Date.

    So there's 4 levels to go.


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Saranya!

    You can definitely add additional levels to your dropdown using the method Eric laid out for you. You can find more information about this here

    If you're on the Professional or Enterprise plan level, you'd also have the option of using our Conditional Fields app, which does the same type of thing, but in a different way.

    Let us know if you need any more help!

  • Saranya Sarika

    Hey Jessie,

    Thank you for the response. I actually tried the method you suggested here that Eric had written an article on but I was not able to do that due to a typo. I realized that later and was able to create the dropdowns and conditional fields that I wanted. :D

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Saranya! I'm so glad you got it figured out. :)

  • Robbie Nixon

    Hi, I am using conditional fields on forms and the functionality is working well. However, when agents try to bulk update tickets all the fields being used with in all forms become available making things confusing. How can i configure the instance so that when the form is chosen in the bulk edit option that only the conditional fields relevant to the form are available?



  • James Sanford

    Hey Robbie!

    My apologies, the Conditional Fields app does not alter the ticket fields that are visible in the bulk edit window, only within the individual ticket interface for Agents.  There would not be a specific way that you can configure the instance to overcome this as the bulk edit window will display all ticket fields and does not update dynamically based on a specific form selection within the window.


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